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[Build Log] Saturn V (TX10-D + pedestal, quad-fire, Monsta rads, 4k gaming funs). - Page 7

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yeah the nzxt's do look better smile.gif and yeah i've heard similar stories about aliexpres extensions
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Here's the bitfenix. I was warned not to use the molex-sata power cables for the gpu auxiliary mb connection. So I've been using one of the sata harness. Though, I do have a few black nzxt extensions, they're a bit stiffer vs the bitfenix. Material wise, for sure Nzxt is plastic while the Bitfenix feels similar to good quality paracord w/ tight weaving.

edit: gonna contact GB support and ask them if the auxiliary power connector needs the 3.3v line/pin or just the 12v (and 5v). If I don't need the 3.3v (orange), then I'll get the bitfenix.

Looks like I wont need the 3.3v according to the manual:

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I finally placed an order for 60 plugs (all black) from another aliexpress seller. She was kind enough to add a second discount for my order and her dhl shipping was the best from the other options. She said the plugs in black are on hand for the quantity I need and it should process quickly. DHL is super fast and the order usually arrives to LA from HK after 1-2 business days and then down to SD in the next business day. I'm crossing my fingers the order arrives by the end of the week (as well as my cpu).

The other seller has not responded and from previous attempts and his auto-reply, he's not in during the weekend. Its pretty much a dead end at this point with this guy and I'm hoping aliexpress will process my refund in the next few days. Interestingly enough, the page for the item has been taking down and the seller no longer offers this item. Also, browsing his store, mostly all reviews stopped after mid December and nothing recent, casting a shadow of possible disputes as well. Well, I'm glad aliexpress has a very straight forward system to dispute and I'm really surprised how better it is vs ebay's process.
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Small updates:

Crosshair IV formula arrived and everything is good except the crappy TT psu is spinning the fan non stop and Its shutting off randomly. This happened with the old system. I picked up some used nzxt hale-90 m units off ebay for cheap, two 750w and one 1kw. These are not the v2 units which seem to have some rather bad qc issues. I'll chain one of the 750w with the 1000w unit for my system and the other 750w unit will power the second system. The 750s were cheap as they came bare w/ no cables/cords. I have a bunch of spares so it wasn't a biggie. The 1kw came w/ all cables and i can use these or the extra CM V-series cables I have as well. They're all 160mm long which will clear my loop and they're white to fit the build. The new mb came w/ a 965BE and 8gb of ddr3 as a bundle and everything is much faster then the old am2 ddr2 setup. I may offer this as a freebie in the market. Hyper 212 evo still working well, though I'm tempted to use a couple of sp120 hp fans. At 7v, a single sp120 hp is cooler then the stock CM "xtraflo" fan at 12v.

The seller had the 850w unit available as well, but its got the extra fixed cables like the 1kw unit. So I chose two 750w as they only have the mb and cpu cables fixed. Guy should have some more if anyone is interested and the reviews are pretty solid for these guys (hale-90 ending in "M") and does offer a return period.

-Cpu got shipped and should be in hopefully this week. USPS is being hampered by bad weather on the east coast so I won't be surprised if its delayed.

-More drama w/ the ocn-market issue. Though this time its usps' fault and I can't get a hold of their customer service. This one is really pissing me off as anything that happens is just two-steps back (mad.gif).

-Plug's are marked as shipped but the DHL tracking doesn't work until they package is scanned in the US.

Other then this stuff, I'm thinking of doing half the rings on the fans in red and the other in white. Should fit more properly in the them. Since I do have to pull the rads to change the screws, it won't be such a big deal.
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Looks good, any particular reason you are using those PSUs (besides the price)? Did you plan on sleeving them as well?
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They're white so saves me the hassle of painting or wrapping them. They're all single rail which is great for my gpu's. I'm planning to toss some Bitfenix red extensions later on but i have a bunch of the "ribbon" and black cables I can use for now. I bought a bunch of atx-eps pins (male and female) to fashion some custom lines for now until I shift a few more items I'm selling to pick up the extensions. The psu's are solid and in the end they were cost effective. I'm trying to minimize the black and I did have in mind some white power supply's to break up the black a bit.

Edit (3): these are super flower units btw. The v2's are a unique Fsp design exclusive to Nzxt.

edit (1): I would avoid the V2 units due to some bad quality control (internals) from the reviews, even though its tempting as these are full modular.

edit (2): I had found a nice red led fan that i was really tempted to get. In the end, the lack of availability and the fact my sp120s are much better killed off this idea. But damn, this is a darn good looking fan:

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Wow, didn't expect a huge package and these in there! eek.gif

the 1kw unit was a bit dusty so it met mr. duster and the 750w units were very clean. Time to pull the defective TT 430w psu. I may salvage some of the wiring from this bad unit to make some custom lines. I'll be ordering the bitfenix extensions as soon as i shift a few things.
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Holy christ! 3 PSUs?? Are you going to be daisy chaining the 2 750s with that thing released at CES?
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one 750w is gonna power the CHIVF
second 750 + 1000w are going to power the main Z170 system. One 750 doesn't have enough amps to power the whole system and one gpu. So the 1000w will do that and the second 750w will just power the 2nd gpu. I'm using one of these:

Same cable was used in one of my older builds w/ two 1kw units.
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750w should be enough to power a single gpu system?
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