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So, I am in love with extended mouse pads. The only problem I keep running into no matter how many of these things I go through (all mostly great quality too) is that it is either a few inches too wide, or a few inches too short.

The keyboard tray is really big (34") and I love using it as it frees up a lot of space on my setup. I mean, my desk is a gigantic beautiful L alone with a nice extension I made myself, but I'd be pretty dumb not to utilize this tray. Especially since pushing it in keeps a majority of dust particles out of my expensive components (keyboard, mouse, USB hub and SD reader).

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I am looking for someone who makes custom size extended mouse matts with hemmed edges so I can get one the exact legnth of my keyboard/mouse tray. Funny enough, all these extended matts are 25", 36" or 39". I would also like a more "control" material as opposed to the silky smooth ones. So texture options would be nice but I am open to anything.

Or even if you know of a solid black matt with minimal branding that is 34" or slightly shorter, please let me know.