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Just ordered some custom made eye candy (literally) for this build. Should be here by the end of January. Re actual parts, so far I have ...

  • hardline tubes
  • hardline compression fittings
  • eye candy
  • fan pins and connectors

At the moment, this PC isn't going to boot very well.

Edit: I ordered some plexiglas / perspex / acrylic as well as some sample cable sleeving from MAINFrame Customs. Hopefully I can get a color match going. Once I have all of these things together (maybe end of Jan, 2016) I will post some pics showing possible color matches.

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I ordered some 12" x 12" plexiglas / perspex / acrylic (2 x green versions) and wasn't completely happy with either of them. Their factory is reasonable close to where I live ... so I emailed them and asked if I could come up and match a color. They said NO frown.gif.

But they did point out that I could order samples. I must have missed that option before. There are now 7 samples winging their way to me.

I might wrap one of the 12" x 12" 'samples' around my PSU ... or maybe a base plate ... or something else.

Also MDPC is back ... at CaseLabs. That is great news. They don't do samples frown.gif. They may do a sample pack at some point. Lucky I have time to kill with this build.

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I got some acrylic samples in the mail. Unfortunately, my camera / light box set up just can't handle the colors. This is what I get ...

I really like the lime, but if I got with the kiwi then I can do without the aluminium backing plate and use the acrylic sheet to give color and block vision into the PSU area.
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I got a Lutro0 crimper for Christmas along with some wire strippers and various 3- & 4-pin male / female connectors and pins. Now I am slowly working my way through my computers and shortening the stupidly long fan cables to more reasonable lengths. I've found that if I strip 3mm of wire (see Lutro0 youtubes) and mark the cable about 1½mm from the end of the insulation ... then me and my fat fingers I can get good crimps.

I still haven't fully worked out how to get the pins out of the connectors without destroying them ... but I'll get there.
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Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post

I ordered ... sample cable sleeving from MAINFrame Customs.

The sample bag came in the mail today ... hip hip hooray for MAINFrame Customs thumb.gif. Now all I need is for those CaseLab monkeys to snip, snip some samples to sell!

I got black, white, yellow, green (lime) and orange in their teleios sleeving.
Remember my color pallet ... (Click to show)


I also got some pink that I asked about ... but it was floppy and not their Teleios sleeving. I guess it was paracord (never seen the stuff).


Based on my color pallet, I would have 5 colors in the cables ... in a pattern like this ...


... or this ...


Non-Edit edit: Dang nab it ... now I actually look at my color pallet and find that I have the color strands in the wrong order. It should be Color | black | White or Yellow | Black | Color. I'll take some more pics in the right order tomorrow.
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Here you go ... with the correct color order ...


Now I just have to work out how to squeeze 5 colors into 12, 8, 6 and 4 bands.
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Something else to remember ... airflow in the pedestal.
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I've ordered some eye-candy to put inside the case (seems to be a trend at the moment) ... here is a sample picture that I was provided. I should have the real things next week and I will add some pics with the sleeving & tubing that I already have.

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Possible bitspower valve option ... with males at each end instead of female.

Other stuff to remember (for the connections at the bottom of the res) ...

- 90° connector
- 30° connector
- cube with 5 ports

And more ...


And this build ... in German ... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.847257848697897.1073741839.646923935397957&type=3

And this too ... stitching cables

7 flex bays to fill ...
  1. hot swap
  2. fan 1
  3. fan 2
  4. fan 3
  5. card reader
  6. OOD
  7. Aquaero

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