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I have a Titan that a friend gave me a few weeks back. It has been working till today when a APW7142 SRBC fried. I decide i would order another and fix the card which does power up but will not post.

Upon further inspection i found that a SMD resistor and capacitor was missing directly on the other side of the blown part. I can see with a magnifying glass that the SMD's were missing and could see where they ripped away from the solder on the board.

I found that the reference 780Ti has the same circuit.

In the image provided i have a picture of a reference Titan board and in the marked cyan boxes the SMD's that should be on my board but are now missing.

If there is a person out there that has a Titan and a meter, could you measure the values of the capacitor and the resistor for me so i can make a repair?


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