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I have also had issues with using Parted Magic to secure erase an SSD--in my case, a Crucial SSD that's 4 years old now. For some reason, when I tried putting the computer to sleep, I couldn't get it to wake back up--ended up having to reboot everytime I tried it.

I got around this problem by booting to the Parted Magic DVD/CD with the SSD unattached from the motherboard. Only after Parted Magic had started loading did I plug in the SSD. I had to play around with the timing for a while to get it at just the right point (if too early, the SSD would be frozen by BIOS; if too late, Parted Magic wouldn't be able to see that the SSD was active on the system).

Note that I was using a version of Parted Magic that I originally downloaded 2 or 3 years ago. I don't know whether more recent versions of Parted Magic have significantly changed as far as being able to do this goes.