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Formula-z and FX-9590. Hangs and Freezing.

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Copy Pasted from other forum. Original here.


OK, I did some research on this set up as I encounter Freezing and hangs. This is a common issue with this particular setup from what I read. And I've been trying to figure out WHY.

Oh man oh man. underclock it freezes I read..... ya that happens.

Overclock and it Freezes, ya that happens too!!


Well after some testing here and there, Thinking this is figured out.

First let me start with Pstates generated through Cpu-z post here and a small explanation as to what your problem may be.

Processor 1 ID = 0
Number of cores 8 (max 8)
Number of threads 8 (max 8)
Name AMD FX-9590
Codename Vishera
Specification AMD FX(tm)-9590 Eight-Core Processor
Package Socket AM3+ (942)
Extended CPUID 15.2
Core Stepping OR-C0
Technology 32 nm
TDP Limit 219.8 Watts
Core Speed 1404.7 MHz
Multiplier x Bus Speed 7.0 x 200.7 MHz
Rated Bus speed 2608.7 MHz
Stock frequency 4700 MHz
Instructions sets MMX (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4A, x86-64, AMD-V, AES, AVX, XOP, FMA3, FMA4
L1 Data cache 8 x 16 KBytes, 4-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L1 Instruction cache 4 x 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L2 cache 4 x 2048 KBytes, 16-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L3 cache 8 MBytes, 64-way set associative, 64-byte line size
FID/VID Control yes
Min FID 7.0x
# of P-States 7
P-State FID 0x22 - VID 0x02 - IDD 18 (25.00x - 1.525 V)
P-State FID 0x1F - VID 0x02 - IDD 18 (23.50x - 1.525 V)
P-State FID 0x1D - VID 0x02 - IDD 18 (22.50x - 1.525 V)
P-State FID 0x18 - VID 0x0B - IDD 14 (20.00x - 1.412 V)
P-State FID 0x12 - VID 0x15 - IDD 11 (17.00x - 1.287 V)
P-State FID 0x8 - VID 0x25 - IDD 7 (12.00x - 1.087 V)
P-State FID 0x10C - VID 0x35 - IDD 4 (7.00x - 0.887 V)

As you can see above, this cpu recommends a cpu voltage of 1.525v @ only a 22.5x multiplier. That's only 4500mhz on a cpu that rated stock of a 23.5x multiplier.

OK. Lets say you post stock. All the power savings are on and stuff, you want to load test at stock.

Take note the horrible horrible v-droop at stock, mine drops down to as little as 1.416v roughly. When disable the Cool and quiet and C6, the board still has a horrible v-drop, mine is reporting still on load 1.416v

At idle, it goes as high as 1.5000v. scratching my head, I wanted to eliminate that droop. So I try and run say 1.5000v @4.7ghz 23.5 x 200. @ load again, this cpu drops v-core pretty hard.

OK, so let's up the LLC or Load Line Calibration. (Ultra High) Now, we are running 1.5000v set manually and stays pretty stable.

BUT now the issue becomes heat and still an under-volt at 4.7ghz Pstate requesting 1.5250v.

Uhg. now we run hot hot hot. Gets difficult to control this bad boy FX-9590.

Pulling my hairs out, bumping and bumping voltage up and up creates more heat, thus instant instability.

But hey, the temp readout says we are still in the green and the PC still freezes. Well, I found the freeze happens instantly at load most times while trying to stability test.

My answer to that is still v-droop or just simply not enough voltage.

OK. Now we have established an issue with fighting the boards volt drop problem vs the Cpu's heat out put problem.

So there's a couple of cures, not for sure deals as all of your systems similar to mine will vary in temps voltage and v-drop.

The conclusion to this is quite simple.

A. The board is simply dropping too much voltage to keep stable as you try and load test it, or Core 0 just isn't happy with that type of out come.

B. Cooling is inadequate.

It's basically as simple as that. This particular set up is VERY VERY picky on how it's overclocked because of the Very little head room with temps and that v-droop issue.

In a nut shell, if you plan on buying this setup, be ready for both issues as they WILL occur.

Recommended solutions.

1. leave the board set up on stock and enjoy the v-droop. You'll find load testing even at stock green on, this chip generates massive heat. And I do mean massive. If your not running enough cooling forget it.

2. This setup is intended for massive voltage and massive cooling. What I mean by this is it's designed fully and solely for LN2. You'll find that out when you discover that this thing has a switch for LN2 runs as it's a supposed cure for cold bugs which FX processors don't have in the first place. This has been proven on a very wide range of FX processors and motherboards.

3. Don't by the FX-9590. It's just too hot. Meant to run big mean clocks with big mean voltage and big mean cooling. Buy a lower watt FX cpu.

/quick report. If I have something to add later down the road, you may find it posted here.

Additional Comment ::

To add onto this thread and post.....

My FX-9590 is de-lidded. It dropped temps significantly on ambient cooling while stuffed in my TJ07 case for gaming. Some tweaks I do are a little different than most approaches, so I do expect some people to disagree with my overclocking methods. So here goes......

While testing and tweaking the past few months with my de-lidded processor, I've accomplished stable and slightly higher overclocking by simply lowering the reference clock (BUS frequency) between 180 and 185mhz while running multiplier from 25.5 to 26.5X.

Right now currently running stable with current settings.

179 x 26.5 @ 4759mhz Cpu clocks, V-core = Auto.
HT Link @ 2334mhz voltage = auto
NB Frequency @ 2335mhz CPU/NB voltage = manual input 1.13750v NB core = 1.100v
RAM Frequency bios input 2400mhz underclocked via lowered reference clock to 1077.5mhz @ 11-13-13-35-46 (timings set to auto) Note: will run 11-11-11-31-42 @1T according to SPD XMP profile also manually input.** Ram voltage at 1.500v

One issue I found with this board is while CPU/NB on auto and overclocking manually memory frequency, board sets this voltage to 1.4000v and is not necessary for running higher memory frequencies. It also adds heat to core temp. My suggestion here is to manually input your CPU/NB voltage to 1.13750v and that will be plenty for running NB frequency clocks up to roughly 2.5ghz while the IMC usually can handle high frequency memory (purchase DDR3 1066 or higher) the board and cpu seem to really like timings of 11-13-13-35-46 1T " 1.5000v. My memory sticks are Corsair CMY8GX3M2A133C11. All memory will differ and some may run tighter timings without issues while CPU/NB is manually set to 1.13750v.

NOTE: raising Cpu frequency while Cpu voltage is on auto does raise temperature but also allows Cpu to request from motherboard VID 1.5250v when required to help eliminate hang occurrences.

NOTE II:: While running my processor de-lidded, my Cpu temps are generally lower than 40c. This helps greatly reduce problems during normal usage while my Ambient temps on average are 75f. (23c) My NB (chipset temps reflect this usually being only 23-24c on average usage, occasionally reaching into the low 30c range during gaming.

NOTE III: If you are having issues with this processor with a stock (all auto) setup, it's likely temps are a problem first. But if the motherboard is working correctly, you will see a throttle at Cpu temp of 65c and higher. Board will shut off at 90c TJ MAX. (85c shutdown while manually overclocking)

NOTE IV:: You can shut down 4 cores to bring TDP down significantly and enjoy a stable overclock of 5ghz at 1.5250v. Using less voltage will result in an eventual hang problem. With 8 cores and 5ghz you may be required to overvolt past 1.5250v or use LLC on extreme at this voltage to help ensure stability, but I do not recommend this while running all 8 cores as most water cooling (custom loops included) cannot handle the heat output.

Highest achieved manual overclock at 4.9ghz and a cpu v-core of 1.4880v. Will result in a hang problem at some point in time load tested or not due to low volt hang under pstate recommended voltage of 1.5250v.

In the end conclusion, this particular motherboard and processor are designed solely around extreme cooling.

If you cannot keep the FX-9590 cool enough with a high enough voltage, it's going to be nearly impossible to overclock.

Keep in mind you paid a little extra money for the fastest FX processor at 4.7ghz base clock and 5ghz turbo. there's no need to overclock as the gains are minimal and it's first throttle P-state is 4.5ghz about the average overclocker's speed. If you have this properly cooled, sit back and enjoy gaming and such while other's have to load test their overclocks on FX-8xxx series processors before they can game to ensure stability. WIth the FX-9590 at stock, you don't have to worry about that, it's stable out of the box and does not require stability testing and overheating as a result of testing.

For most guys buying into this processor, overclocking it is not possible but at the same time not required.

Hopefully this helps some of you guys out there. I've been having the same tough time overclocking this chip. Been at it for months now with very little to be had from it, but do enjoy it very much and consider it money well spent even if it does run hot.

For those thinking of this purchase and do not already own this processor and motherboard, I suggest you think more about your ability to cool it rather than your ability to overclock it. The motherboard CHVZ is designed for extreme cooling and Extreme high voltage and so is the processor. It's for serious clocks on ambient custom liquid cooling solutions and even more extreme clocks on extreme cooling solutions. Also the FX-9590 will retain it's value better than any other FX processor very much like the Athlon 64 6400+ did for many years as it was at the top of it's class.

Thanks for readingĀ¬

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Try enabling apm for cpu
disable or enable hpc
clock down to 4.5 and run stress test
if it dosen't crash in 15 30mins then up your clocks
try 200fsb
increace or dercease in fsb can cause sudden crashes
even if your nb and ram can handle the clocks due to poor motherboard design mainly 970 boards
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