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G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 USB Wired RGB Laser Gaming Mouse

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Would this mouse even be worth buying? I'm left handed so I have very few options and I'm looking for something new.

1. What's your grip style?

2. What's your sensitivity?

4. Do you want additional buttons?
I need the two on the side.

5. What games do you play?

7. Other relevant information:
Input anything else you want.
I am left handed.
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I'm going to assume the roflcopter means no...

Anyone else have an opinion?
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sensor is an adns 9800 which has acceleration or so called resolution vs speed error


Your mouse will not be 1 on 1 with the movement you make physically vs the movement show on your screen.


If you are considering mice,


I would recommend to look at shape>sensor>weight in that order.


Shape is subjective see what you think will fit your needs.

Sensor from best to worse but all still very very good optical sensors are:




see this thread to check what sensor the mice is using: http://www.overclock.net/t/854100/gaming-mouse-sensor-list


recommendation for palm grip are the:


Razer Deathadder (left handed version)

Zowie ZA/FK

Cm Storm Recon

Mionix Avoir 7000


May I ask what dpi u are using at the moment and what mouse?


That way I can help you out better in recommending also what is the max price you are willing to pay with shipping.


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I am using a Deathadder left hand edition at 800 dpi. I've used a Sensei and CM Storm Recon. The recon seemingly has some tracking issues but it's getting up in age. The Sensei tracking never felt right. The deathadder is probably the best I've ever used except for a few problems. The mouse is pretty sketchy, every once in while it will randomly detect a spin, not physically but it would detect movement. Sometimes it detects down while scrolling up. It only happens rarely but it becomes annoying since I do use mouse wheel to jump and select guns. Being left handed isn't very fun in the world of gaming. I have decently large hands and the side of my hand drags on my mouse pad pretty badly. It sometimes causes problems with fast left swipes. The reason I was looking at this was it had the side skirts and I wanted to see if they would help with that at all.

Edit: I'm looking to keep it around $60 or less. A little over is fine but I don't want to be spending $100 on a mouse.
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I am currently also using the deathadder lefthanded and will try out the upcoming ambidextrous Cougar 400m (there is also a thread about it here) . It will be a pretty large mouse, which is rare if it also has to be suited for us lefties. Maybe it's worth a look for you biggrin.gif
Here is the link for you:

The only other real option i know to prevent the contact of the hand on the mousepad would be the Razer Ouroboros, which also has side skates and can be adjusted to be very large. It is kinda outdated though and also overpriced.


If you are comfortable with huano-switches (stiffer mouseclicks), the ZA-series from Zowie is also very interesting, at least if you dont mind the crappy scrollwheel. For me, the clicks were too stiff though. It also exceeds your price range.
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Any idea when the 450M is released?
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I've done quite a bit of looking around and these three seem to be pretty interesting.
Zowie ZA11
I like the size of the mouse but I'm not quite sure about the stiffer click.
Mionix Avior 7000
Looks like solid mouse and I like the shape.
EVGA Torq X5 Optical
I also like the shape but there doesn't seem to be a lot of information about it.

Any advice I could get?
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The roccat Kiro is coming out which can be made left handed ergonomic.
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My jaw got ripped to the floor on account of what a complete joke of a mouse that looks like. If you're 6 years old and you like transformers then dive in! biggrin.gif
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