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"Gaming" motherboards are the biggest joke in terms of trends in PC's that I have seen in 15-20 years. They cost more, but offer little to genuinely justify that cost. The exception to this rule is ASRock, who price their gaming boards reasonably.

I would suggest that you just pick up the ASUS Z170-A which is quite a lot cheaper, and will do everything you need. The last 3 generations of "A" boards from ASUS have been very solid. They give you what you need, and nothing you don't. They also overclock respectably across the board.

Antel nine hundred (there is no antec nine thousand) is a decent case but it is very very very old. I don't really feel like it can compete with modern cases for airflow or ease of use. A Corsair 200R, for about $60 US dollars is very respectable and is a dream to build in. I recommend it.

Also, I agree on the suggestion of the 550W EVGA G2 power supply. Those are very solid. Also good is the 550 and 650W Seasonic SSR or "G series" gold rated units.

Ye but the difference in my store is a couple of euro's so maybe it's still better to pick the gaming pro cause of it's better sound quallity or do you still not recommend that?