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CPU suggestion: 6700K or 5820K? (First upgrade in 6 years)

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I've been thinking about upgrading for a while, since January 2015 actually, but in the end I decided to wait since the monitor I wanted was coming out in late august. And I also thought I might as well go with Skylake by that time :p


The issue now is that the 6700k stock is REALLY low here and the few ones selling it are overcharging by more than 50% over the MSRP :mad:. Which is why I've been considering going with the 5820K instead (I was thinking about the 4790K before the 6700K).




It's been a long while since I last did an upgrade (6 years as mentioned in the title) and quite everything has changed at this point, I am undecided about which processor to get based on the use I do. Is it better 4 cores or 6? :rolleyes:



Here's what I will use it for:

  • Gaming: any kind of games, I don't really have a favorite genre
  • Work: I work as a web developer and I run apache & mysql servers (and related kind of stuff) all the time. I also often have several browsers open with tons of tabs for testing things.
  • VMs: I do run the occasional virtual box or vmplayer instance from time to time but this is rare anyway
  • Encoding: I do encode some videos from time to time as well but it's rare just like the VMs.
  • Other: in case it matters I always have lots of apps open at the same time (browsers as mentioned above, PHP IDEs, folders, display fusion for dual screen, antivirus, anti-malware, anti-exploit, firewall, email client, and much more things I won't spend time listing).



Games nowadays still don't use much cores from what I've seen, they even barely use 4 at all. But I also have to keep in mind that I will keep this new rig for another ~5 years for sure. I plan on watercooling it and doing a medium OC (around 4.5GHz).



I will use a GTX 980 Ti SLI and a Samsung 950 Pro, only 1 NVME SSD to start with and a 4TB SSHD but I will probably go with a NVME RAID at some point. Would the PCIe lanes be enough on a 6700K or should I look at the 5820K? Is more cores better for the kind of things I use? I'm not really sure about this part. Ideally I would like to go with the newest platform which will grant me some more "life" out of it and it supports NVME and all the new things out of the box, but...




Right now I have an i7-860 (4C/8T). Would I notice any tangible difference going with a solution with more cores? I am not worried about the price with ram, mobo, etc so we can leave that out of the equation :thumb: 

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Based on your usage scenario itself, I'd go with the 6 cores due the work (VM's, Encoding) and more RAM (VM's, browser tabs). You also have the case of limited PCI lanes, so I'd just go with the X99 platform. Unless you have a budget, then things might change
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As I mentioned VM and encoding are rare though, like once a week at most. I'm still debating if it's worth it for only that much, however, if more cores would help also with work then that would be an entirely different story. The screen I'm going to get is the Acer X34 if it makes any difference (21:9 3440x1440 @ 100 Hz). I have not decided on a motherboard yet so that's open too, I will worry about it once I decide on a cpu.



I was thinking of going with 16 GB of RAM (2x8), and leave myself a spot open to upgrade to 32GB later on if I need more. On the RAM side I should be good, right? I have only 8 GB right now and I fill it up very quickly, especially with browser tabs.



About PCIe lanes, would it make any difference if I went with the 6700K and a motherboard with PLX chip? Tougth the chip has become quite expensive lately, the X99 route might be cheaper in comparison. I am hesitant on going the X99 route also because the latest Corsair products seem to have a few issues with it (K70 RGB and newer products) and I am already using them with my current setup. I forgot to mention this earlier.

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Basically, I'm you (also VMs, also many years, i7 930 etc.).

I was considering Skylake and the 950 pro but am having second thoughts. My point is not performance, but is instead availability and stability.

Skylake isn't yet widespread. Bios problems, motherboards updating - do you want to mess with it?
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