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So it seems like majority of people are against buying pre-built systems no matter what the budget is.

I've been looking around in need of as much of a gaming PC you can get all in for $650-$700 CDN(taxes included).
This budget has to include a copy of Windows 8.1/10. So far, I haven't been able to put together custom parts to match a comparable Prebuilt PC at this price point.

Any help is appreciated, this PC will be used for gaming and schoolwork. Also, possibility of upgrading components later on(CPU/RAM/GPU, etc.) is definitely considered, which leads me to believe I should be able to find something custom to put together that will run and upgrade later on down the road.

Thank you!
Buy used on Ebay.

Your budget is so low that, if you need everything (including a case, mouse, and keyboard) you're not going to get much buying new.