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Hi :-)

I debuted in overclocking , I got into it yesterday.

So here I do not understand my results in bench :
With genius oc , oc tool with my Msi cm that puts the CPU has 4ghz my résulat are better has 3.4GHz (normal ) but when I manually aumente either a 4.1 ghz 4.2 or 4.3 , the résulat are worse than oc genius ( genius with 23,122 points against 22,977 a 4.3ghz ) ...

In short for me starting in OC, it is not logical , but can it east ??

For info my best result is the combination of genius + oc oc 100mhz on my cg I reached 24,000 ( against 23,500 a 4.2GHz + cg a 100mhz OC frown.gif)

Thank you for those who take the time to help me. I would answer all your questions as best I can ...