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Hello all.

Im trying to overclock my 3770k to 4.5+GHz, 4.4GHz is rock solid on 1.32v with temperatures hitting 65/70c on non maxed fan speed. (Delidded and Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra)

Obviously 4.5GHz+ requires more vcore, the problem is I get the dreaded 0x00000124 bsod.

Strangely i discovered, despite my clockspeed, this BSOD starts popping up after a certain vcore (1.33+)
The higher I go, the faster it will BSOD under prime.

So it seems i am limited somewhere.

Tried downclocking all the way back to 3.8GHz, still same BSOD at 1.33/1.36+ range.
Also tried about all possible bios settings, tested all computer components on stock settings, nothing seems to be defective.

I also do not assume its a PSU issue as i have little trouble running furmark or anything combined with a CPU stress test on lower vcores.

The only things i havent extensively tried is going up and down with IMC/VTT voltages, only slightly.

Gigabyte Sniper M3
32GB HyperX Fury (4 dimms)
Coolermaster Silent 750watt

Anyone ever experienced this BSOD, apparently exclusively related to too high vcore?


Edit1: Tried significant PLL, VVT, and IMC voltage changes seperately, both up and down, no dice.
Also decreased Bclk to 99mhz.

Edit:2: LCC / VRM settings dont matter frown.gif

I think my chip simply goes nuts with enough voltage through it. Is this possible?
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