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Penguin Waterchiller Review

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Over the next 2 weeks I will be reviewing a Penguin Waterchiller. I have not been active in the forum for a very long time. I usually frequent xtreme and others but haven't been on those in a long time and I like the forum setup here better. I ordered and received and Penguin Waterchiller 1/2 HP 5000 BTU's. I am in the process of building everything and will post pics as I progress. Right now I am wrapping my 8.5 gallon Brew Kettle with K-flex PSA backed 3/4" thick insulation. I am using Koolance QD3 fittings and a Koolance D5 Strong. I am using Feser 1/2" ID White UV and Green UV tubing. the inlet from the brew kettle (reservoir) to the pump with an EK top running down to the Danger Den Computer on my CPU and both GPU's then down to a second D5 pump (standard version) of which will continue green tubing to the water chiller and exiting it will be white UV tubing back up to the reservoir.

Upon pulling out the water chiller and making sure that I don't grip it on the radiator sides I noticed there was a thumbprint damage to the radiator. It could be possible that I may have done that but I was certain I was careful in taking it out. I made sure to feel all sides before pulling it out(Phrasing). The damage was unfortunate but repairable with time and tools. That will be done at a later date because I want to get this up and running.

If you notice from the previous pics, it is very well packaged. It its double boxed and has heavy duty reinforced cardboard supports with inflatable suspension rafts. I am very pleased with the level of packaging. It's shocking how well packed it is. Kudos to Eric at Penguin Water Chillers.

Note the damage. But fixable.

I am using Bargain Fittings 1" x 1/4" NPT reducer so I could install the Koolance QD3 NPT 1/4" fittings.
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The guy at Bargain Fittings sent me the wrong fitting by accident. He sent me the 3/4" by 1/4" NPT rather than the 1" by 1/4" NPT reducer. I notified him and he quickly resolved the issue by sending me a new pair of 1" by 1/4" reducers. I should receive them this week. For now I bought a 1" x 3/4" reducer at Home Depot and then used the ones he gave me to reduce it further.
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This should be interesting biggrin.gif sub'd
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Hi LiamG6 and thanks for participating. Could use the support. thumb.gif

The following are images of what I just finished now and still a work in progress.

My beautiful Brew Kettle with 2 welded bulkheads. Tip: NEVER GO WITH WELDLESS BULKHEADS. WELDED ONLY!!!

PSA means Pressure sensitive adhesive. If only Armacell/Armaflex and Techlite had this. But Kflex got my first choice b/c of this.

Still need to do the bottom. Wondering how I'm going to measure an even cut. I just worked a 14 hour work day so can anyone help me come up with an idea on how to accurately make the cut so it covers everything and is not messy?
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just template it, put the kettle on top of the sheet, use chalk or white marker to mark it. is it easy enough to cut with a box cutter or a Stanley knife? how about a hot wire cutter?

Looking forward to seeing the temps
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Tomorrow I will post a huge update. I finished the brew kettle and will be hooking it all up. I have order a D5 Top from Koolance and some QD3's for the second pump. My question is will a D5 Strong with a 24v controller be enough to handle this entire loop without a second pump?
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Originally Posted by LiamG6 View Post

just template it, put the kettle on top of the sheet, use chalk or white marker to mark it. is it easy enough to cut with a box cutter or a Stanley knife? how about a hot wire cutter?

Looking forward to seeing the temps

Unfortunately its difficult to cut with scissors and a box knife. My top and new fittings will hopefully arrive tomorrow.

Question for you: now that you've seen what the loop will look like would a D5 Strong running at 24V be enough to power this loop? The reason I ask is because once the water leaves the chiller it has to clime back all the way up to the top where the reservoir will sit. My computer is in the middle of the rack, my Chiller at the bottom and the res at the top. 8.5 gallons of distilled water. Also how many drops of the Nuke Biocide should I use?
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I think 1 pump is enough, but it's always good to have redundancy with these setups. You have just the chiller, 2 gpu's and CPU in the loop right? That's a pretty low restriction loop. Are your gpu blocks in series or in parallel? I'd plumb them in in parallel to keep restriction as low as possible and maybe don't run the pump flat out. With chilled water you can get away with a lower flow rate. But just run the pump at whatever speed is best for it. Not too low not too high, or isn't the D5 strong variable?

As for the biocide, not sure. A few drops I guess depending what the instructions say. Should be a ratio available somewhere. Big loop though so could add more. With chilled water I don't think anything will be growing in there though. Keep the loop clean and should be sweet.

What temps can your chiller hold? Is the coolant going to be slushy? Or just like 5-10*c? Do you need to add some antifreeze/methanol/glycol?
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Please post the lowest temp the chiller will hit.
What I mean is, what is the lowest temp you can get under load.
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Ok sorry for being late on this but for some odd reason both my packages are delayed in shipping. I'm still waiting for the Koolance D5 Top and QD3's as well as the 1" x 1/4" reducer. For some odd reason even thought they are shipping from 2 different states both are now held up by USPS.
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