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Hey guys, I'm looking over three options to upgrade my audio gear, and would greatly appreciate your input on it, but first a bit of background. I currently own a pair of FA-011 with a FiiO E17 DAC/Amp. The FA-011's need to be rewired (there is some internal problem with the wire which I could not resolve by opening up the cups) since the audio to the right cup cuts in and out based on the jiggling the wire that goes into the left cup. Due to this situation I've got three different upgrade paths that I would appreciate your feedback:
  • Re-wire FA-011 and upgrade from a fiio e17 to perhaps O2+ODAC Combo.
  • Purchase Phillips Fildelio X2 using my current fiio e17.
  • Purchase Phillips Fidelio X2 and upgrade to a better DAC (I am unsure what DAC would make a noticeable improvement with them over my current fiio e17).

I have chosen an option yet because I'm unsure.
  1. Is the Fidelio X2 much better than my FA-011's if the FA's were hooked up to a better DAC/Amp?
  2. Do the Fidelio X2 have better sound stage (i.e.: better for directional sound in games) then the FA-011's?
  3. Do you know any good guides on re-wiring headphones?

I am a bass lover, however I listen to all music genres essentially, from trance to classical to rock and so on. I use my headphones for gaming and so directional sound is very important to me. Around about 98% of my music is 320kbps or FLAC. Headphones are strictly used with computer.

Thank-you for taking your time to check my post out. smile.gif