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Hey everybody i'm sorry if im posting this in the wrong section im new to this forum, already asked in a ton of forums but people don't know what is happening to my computer.
So basically i run 2 (3) monitor setup, one is an AOC 144hz pqu the other is and LG 60hz as so as my LCD which is duplicated with my extended LG 60hz monitor.

My problem is that i have hard fps lag on my main monitor (144hz) if i run a video on the second monitor (60hz), when i play a game in fullscreen borderless mode.

My OS is windows 8.1, but i got same results on windows 7. My processor is a i7 4790k and i have 16gb RAM.

What i have done:

Changing the expanded monitors into the integrated graphics (and i still lag if i play a video there).
Changed whole cables to see if the problem was with the cables.
Disabled Aero in win7 case.
Checked all graphics drives and they are all up-to-date.
Gone into nVidia Panel and applied Performance.
Changed gaming monitor to 122hz. (still same lag)
Checked if my CPU was overheating.

What is strange about this is that i don't have any lag if i run all monitors at 60hz, but if i run my gaming monitor at 144hz i can only play videos on second monitor if my game is at fullscreen.

What i didn't test was gaming in Windows 10.

Sorry if my english was bad.