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So, not sure where to put this. Might as well put it here seeing as it may be a my 295x2's problem.

Ok, I haven't turned my computer on in probably 3 months and the other day I wanted to sit back and play some games on my triple monitors and a 4th utility monitor. So I turn it on, it does it's thing, I get to the login for windows 7 like normal and BAM my primary middle display gets no signal. I run 2 24" monitors in portrait and a 42' in landscape (PLP).

I've updated all the drivers, I changed out all the cables, I checked each port to see if it was dead and nothing seems to be wrong.

What might be some thing I'm just not thinking of that is causing me so much trouble?

Also, during bootup, the main screen (42" tv) does get signal from the computer. it does boot into the bios and even displays the windows boot logo. That's why I kinda think it's a driver issue, but I can't seem to resolve it.