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I must be doing something wrong, but am not sure if it is the GPU or OS or what!

I am using a 2GB EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti. With all the latest drivers.

I built an i7-4790k, 16GB Memory, 512GB SSD and ASUS Z97 Pro MoBo.

OK, this should be fast and it is. However, I just get the feeling that my video should be a lot faster than it is. Why? Because we do not play games! Here is what I see.

When Browsing, it seems like it pauses when displaying Graphic content and I am on a 50/50 FIOS connection.

Before I blame the browser or connection, I notice other issues like a slight pause when scrolling even a Word 2013 document. When it changes pages, it has a slight it is buffering. This happens with PDF and Excel files as well.

So, any idea why this rig "seems" to have a video bottleneck?

I am anxious to figure this out as my wife wants to have me build her a system soon, and she uses dual Monitors and I want a fast card for her.

Not sure now that it has anything to do with the Video Card, and it is NOT an issue with how many lines the mouse scrolls at a time. As I said, it seems like a buffering issue! It just seems like it is an OS setting that I missed.
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