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So, since everything big in my build is nailed down now I'm fussing with the minor/visual aspects. Since I'm going with colored coolant (blood red, but might turn pastel again, not sure) I'm thinking about the best material in blocks to complement the color choice.

I'm thinking that nickel maybe give a better contrast allowing the color to shine more? Would copper make much of a difference (does anyone have good pictures showing blood red on copper and on nickel?).
Going with the plain copper would be slightly cheaper so I guess I'm arguing if the potentially better look of nickel is worth the difference.
The choice affects other parts as well, if I'm going for copper I will also put copper fittings on the CPU block (rest of the fittings will be black as all will be connected to black components) and by the same logic if I use a nickel plated block I will use nickel colored fittings on the CPU block (somehow it feels wrong putting black fittings on a plexi/metal block with red coolant running through it.

I guess this is more relevant for the non-pastel coolants, but also to some degree for pastels as well despite being opaque? (also please, I have forgotten, what pastels were more sensíble to the PH value and which ones were safer?).