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Which fans for my fractal arc midi r2?

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I just bought a fractal arc midi r2 and I want to replace the current fans they have. I've read the default ones aren't that great.

I'll be doing 2x 140mm front intakes and 1x 140mm bottom intake. I might put one intake on the top as well depending if I need more cooling or not. I'll be using the stock fan at the back as exhaust only.

So I'm looking to buy anywhere between 2-4 new fans. I'm open to any suggestions on where I should place my fan for max cooling!!

The problem is I live in Canada so the most recommended fans on here is pretty much out of reach for me. I don't want to pay extra for shipping and handling so anything that I can grab local is a big plus for me. Looking through memoryexpress and ncix there aren't many good 140mm fans out there. I'm guessing the best ones to get are the noctuas?

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These are pretty much a no-brainer in the situation you're describing. Using the included Fractal fans for exhaust is fine, they just don't make very good intakes. If you do place a fifth fan for the top, use it as an exhaust, and not an intake.
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I really don't want to order them online if I have the option to since the phanteks aren't available anywhere in canada in stores.

How do these fans compare?

Bitfenix Spectre Pro

Silverstone FHP141

The Noctua NF-A14 are considered one of the best right? They are about 28$ right now. If I can't find anything else cheaper thats available I must just grab 2 of these. How important is the bottom intake fan?
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The link I posted included free shipping if you buy two or more, at $24 CAD each. That makes them cheaper than the Noctua NF-A14 for you. They will perform roughly equivalent to the NF-A14 FLX. To say which is a better fan is a largely subjective question. Some people will swear by one over the other. I've used both, and can recommend both. Usually I recommend the Phanteks on the basis of cost and fun LED variants. If you prefer to do your business in a brick-and-mortar store, the Noctua A14 will suit you much better than the Bitfenix and Silverstone fans you mentioned.

As for how important the bottom intake fan is, that is entirely dependent on your system as a whole (heat-generating components, airflow restrictions, ambient environment, etc.). If you have a simple build, it is likely that a third intake on the bottom would be unnecessary.
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buy a pair of EK Vardars for the filtered intake(s)
as said the FD fans are not bad, but they struggle a bit with filtered intakes. Better to use "radiator-fans" for filtered intakes.

see also: http://www.overclock.net/t/1567650/best-20-140mm-case-intake-fans-fractal-design-define-s/0_50

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