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I learned how to modify my bios for UEFI compatibility here so i thought i'd give back to the forum and post my modification that i made using the software and help that was posted on this forum.

The card in question:

I just switched to UEFI bios mode and found my card was not compatible, so i used this tool "HD7XX UEFI Patch Tool Beta" located on this page:

I combined the bios of a powercolod HD7850 2GB which is UEFI compatible to create this frankenbios. I JUST MADE THE BIOS JUST NOW and haven't TESTED it beyond the fact that it "just works". So use at your own risk, I'll come back and update this post a week later once i've gotten to really use the bios.

DONT FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR BIOS USING GPU-Z (google it) before flashing to this bios!!!!

Crap, apparently I can't upload it here, let me know a good website to upload it and I will