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Hey guys, I hope it`s a right thread.
I use MSI GTX 660 OC (one fan). I have no money - I can only pirate games and certainly I am not able to invest money to new GPU. Especially now, when my financial situation worsened. I try to squeeze every single frame rate in games out of my card as I know I will not be able to buy new one. Overclocking seems to help a bit, but I have occasional crashes and I can`t OC it more as nVidia drivers are unstable. I thought flashing BIOS would help me to unlock power limitations and voltage... Turned out it went wrong. After that I even reinstalled Windows - seemed to have helped a bit, at least Afterburner didn`t show nonsense numbers and things look quite normal, but my GPU underclocks sometimes and I have to rr PC in order to get normal clocks. When I start a game, I can only game for 5 minutes maximum and then - standard "driver has crashed and successfully recovered..." message. I used older drivers - seems to lengthen my gameplay time for few more minutes, but again - crash.
I use MSI AB. My clocks are returned to stock, my power limit is normal 100% and I didn`t even touch voltage. My BIOS version seems to be default as the same version can be found in web. But I still get crashes. What should I do? Has someone gotten into same situation?
I really have no money to buy a new GPU and anything fit for modern gaming is no less then GTX970 which costs more then I used to make monthly before I rolled in a university. So please, I really need help. I know it was my stupid mistake, a lot of people have bricked their cards out of foolishness, but I really, really need to fix this.
Thanx in advance.
EDIT: I think problem is drivers don`t like my unlocked voltage. Now GPU goes up to 1.212. I think by default it worked on slightly lower voltage. I can`t lover it manually with MSI AB as it goes back to 0 if I try to slide the slider to the left.
So even +1Hz OC makes my card drivers crash immediately and without OC I can game only for 3-4 minutes.
Or this might be other problem related to clocks...