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Upgrade for death adder 3.5g

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Looking to upgrade from my death adder 3.5g. I want a mouse aimed at fps. I play many different genres on my of but have never found a need for programmable extra buttons. I want a comfortable mouse with no acceleration or smoothing. I want it to be as precise as possible. Currently play cs go and am gearing up for battlefront. I've looked at a few nice from zowie and final mouse. Admittedly the final mouse sounds to good to be true and the complaints I've heard about it are discouraging. I use a standard grip and the death adder is comfortable in my hand. I'm not sure what I'll prefer in terms of weigh but I imagine I'll adapt. A dpi toggle for gaming outside of fps would also be ideal. Any suggestions are welcom.
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Is there any particular reason you want a new mouse? Your DA is still a solid mouse when it comes to performance so if you're just looking for a performance upgrade, it's not really worth it IMO. Normally shape would be the reason, but since you like the shape it's probably better to avoid the rabbit hole of trying to find the mouse that feels just right.
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Looking to get the best raw performance possible. I want to get a ay from all acceleration and smoothing. Shape won't be a big deal for me to adapt to as long as it's not like a mini mouse.
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G303. GL adapting to the shape tho. You might want to buy 3rd party mouse skates because the stock ones are kind of bad.
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I've never replaced skates. I imagine it's pretty simple. Recommendation on skates?
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Also I see adds on here for feenix products how do they compare?
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g502 if you like really heavy mice
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So being that I can't sleep I've essentially found the 303 and 502 are essentially the same mouse with different shells. The 502 being a bit heavy. I'm not sure what a DA weighs but I imagine somewhere in the middle of the 2. The sensors sounds like exactly what I'm after and I have decided tomorrow after work I'm going to go my local best buy and put both of them in my hand. Mouse blisters may be the way to go with the 303. We'll see.
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If you're a fan of the Deathadder's ergonomics.. the Zowie EC series is for you, either the EC1A or EC2A depending on what your hand size is. Both mice suit a similar style of grips. Has a phenomenal sensor and implentation, and it doesn't have any extra bloat to hold the mouse back. Plug and play. I went from a DA 3.5G/4G to the EC series.. and it's worlds better in every way. The only gripe I have with it is the side buttons having pre-travel to them before reaching actuation but they perform just fine. I think my favorite part of this mouse is the coating. It feels like satin in your hand.
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