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Hello everyone, I recently built a compact PC to get rid off my heavy case. As I began the build, I wanted more and more than I previously planned. Finally, when I finished it, I got a completely different case. This is my first PC mod. I never used a pop gun, rotary tool, drill tool or jig saw before the modding and now I get them laid on my desk.

At first, my goal is to build a small yet powerful m-ITX gig to put on my desk. I chose Gigabyte Z97N-WIFI, R9 NANO and 2x8G Corsair Dominator Platinum, along with the i7 4790k from my previous build. As for PSU, I used the Silverstone 600W SFX power supply. Considering the heat from the GPU and CPU, I changed my Noctua to Corsair H55 and opened a hold on the side panel I made myself with clear acrylic. Then, I found that the two hard drives laid under the GPU got severely hot when gaming so I moved them next to the PSU, attached to the rear panel. Then I thought, why not use the space below the GPU? Why not use the space above the PSU? Why not make the side panel more beautiful? So here we go.

This is some kind of overview of the PC.

In order to put a fan on the top, I removed the original handle and purchased a pair of handles and some fan grills from MNPCTECH. They really did a great job.

I cut down a piece of aluminum from my... er... broken side panel. I messed up with it once and had to got two new ones from Lian Li. ($19 for each and they shipped fast.)
I covered the piece with tape and cut the shape of the "N7" before I used the spray.
And I put a clear cab on the power button.

Front fan. The "overkill" grill is from MNPCTECH. Actually, I bought the fan together with the grill from them but... one morning I strangely put my finger on the fan and... I had to replace it. Super glue did not seem to work. However, I got a chance to put a Noctua s12 on it. It produces less noise and more airflow. And it looks amazing after painted with universal chrome purchased from Autozone nearby. You can purchased the spinner from a RC plane shop online.

Because the case is too compact, I have to use slim fan. I did a lot searching for a fan that was both slim and powerful. I ended up with the Rosewill. I used them on the bottom, on the side panel and on the radiator.

The second fan on the radiator. Rosewill.

Got 4 case feet to make the bottom fan comfortable.

I cut the acrylic with jig saw. The case used a "pop and open" tech and the four connection on the panel could not be found easily. I made my own with rivets. Just use rotary tool to cut a little bit and they would be perfectly plugged in. Super glue is helpful here.

Cut the shape of the "Renegade" on the side panel. I am a big fan of Mass Effect. I attached a transparent red acrylic behind it.

Here is where the two HDDs locate.

I had to move HDDs for many times to prevent the PSU from touching them.

I have to admit that I am not professional in cable management.

Side panel with a red led stripe.

Top fan. I attached a renegade sticker on each fan. Made by a Xyron.

This is how it looks at the end. It is painful to take it apart and put them together. Normally. the temperature of the CPU is no more than 30 C in Open Hardware Monitor. I tested it with IntelBurn Test and it passed, although the max temps of the four cores were 100, 100, 100 and 91. Normally the max temp is around 60 C. The motherboard has the CPU overclocked to 4.4GHz.

Well, after finishing the modding, I have to say that the smaller the case is, the more difficult you will meet. There are still many things I want to try, 3D printing, more paints, water cooling... I may leave them to the next case. Thank you.