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  • What happened?

    Threads and memory issues with Tapatalk, is there a fix for this

  • Are you able to reproduce this problem consistently?
    Everytime I try to load any page in the tapatalk app

  • What steps did you take to reproduce this problem? Click on page

  • What action did you expect to occur when this bug appeared?

  • Any additional information that will help us diagnose the issue:

  • Browser, active browser addons, and operating system:

  • URL where the issue occurs:

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Have you tried the fixes in this thread?

If that doesn't work then unfortunately there is nothing we can do as this platform doesn't officially support tapatalk.

I would highly recommend using your browser as the mobile site is extremely lightweight.
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As stated, we do not support third party applications such as Tapatalk. Please use our mobile site as indicated.

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