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Hey there, new member but have used the resources on this site for the last few months when I was building my rig here...

So, before I start, I do understand that this may well just be the max I can do on this particular CPU without pushing into dangerous CPU cooking territory.. I'm just wondering if there is anything I may have missed that I could do to push it up to my goal which was ~4.8Ghz..

So, system specs:
Intel i5-6600K currently @ 4.7GHZ stable
NZXT Kraken x61 AIO cooler
G.SKILL DDR4-2400 2x8GB

As of now my stable O/C is 4.7 GHZ (100 BCLK x 47 @ 1.4v) (Avg idle temp 26-30C load 65-70C)
I haven't been able to get it stable even for bit over this point. I've had it anywhere between 4.71-4.725 and up to 1.42v with no luck on stability.

Some of the main things i'm worried about are my limits on voltage, i've read around 1.45 is the highest you want to go. I don't have any real issues with temperature at 1.4 and a bit higher.. with my absolute highest temps seen being ~73C.
Which leads me to my second concern. I can't seem to find any solid info on what this processors max temp is. I've seen some info saying around 72C but for the life of me I can't find it again. I'm just taking a guess here and assuming anything past ~75C is getting to hot with 80C+ being way to high.

For testing i've been using mostly ROG Realbench but also Prim95 v26.6 sometimes since it really only seems to fail and BSOD under 100% load, and p95 gets it to do that within a couple seconds usually.

I'm not completely new to OCing but it's been years since i've messed with it and it was always on AMD processors at that.. So i'm not all that great at this yet. I would just like to know if theres anything I might be able to do to push it a bit higher, without any very serious threat of cooking it.

Any advice and info is appreciated!