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What you need:
-semi rigid foam
-a smooth finish/lining
oh and a multi million dollar company that is looking to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

So check this out.
A high performance mice is dandy and all, but the perfect fit is where its at. and I don;t have 500$ to try a dozen or so gaming mouse.

Hows it work?:
buy 1 mouse barebone base and customize to your heart's content.
Less is more: You pick a base mouse model. By less is more i mean the base has very little form to it such that it can accommodate as many shapes as possible. think of it as mr potato head. but not only are you determining things like ears nose mouth you also determine how fat/wide/long his head is as well.
There are a few bases to choose from mostly for side button options/placement and clickler angle/shape.

Interactive product creation for the customer. Gamers love modding. Dota and CS:GO skins are a testimony to this.
You guys are familiar with custom t-shirt companies like cafepress where you can create a shop and get paid royalties for making a certain design that people buy from your store.

Well in similar manner people can design custom shapes with a 3d program and use blueprints for reference to get the right measurements. Design would be approved by company before being offered for sell to other customers but any design can be submitted/bought for own use.

Approved designs could be added each week and would be selected from popular demands by using winning entries on a voting system similar to woot's tshirts.

Customizing is sweet. you can even perhaps customize finish coating/lining on the foam with whatever design people submit.
(sure this is a luxury thing and doesn't effect performance but it sells just like fullspectrum RBG leds are purely for show)
plus sell custom mouse pad design to go a long with it

I just want a good sensor, nice scroll wheel, good clickers, and good driver.
The masses need good gear I personally don't like the idea of me dominating just because I have better gear or vice versa having an uncomfortable setup and feeling held back.

-foam is inexpensive.
-oh no! you went to a lan party and dropped your mouse. if it landed on the foam area it got some nice padding so is less prone to breaking.
-foam can easily be scultped/engraved, hell with extended wear/use and depending on rigidity can also mold to the player's hand/grip. over used? just swap it out with new one. at maybe $3 to $5 a component piece or $10 for maybe a single piece that fits entire mouse. Pricing is total guestimate here but you get the idea. People can charge however they want based on the look thouhh.
foam has enough give to be pliable enough to fit/wiggle over say the side buttons when installing. .


other things needed:
-weight compartment area. and heavier base material since foam is light.
-coating/lining finish could have different texture options, glossy ,tacky, grainy...
-user rating system for preferred shapes
-recommendation system based on your hand size and grip style.
-limited edition designs
-idea here
-idea here
- " "... share in comments

first company to champion this idea and does it properly gets me & my wallet's vote.

or should we all create a kickstarter for this?
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