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I started this behaviour with my first "modern" IPS display, U2311H. I remember that i was very dissatisfied with both black and white uniformity, so i exchanged it three times without any major difference/improvement.
As this device was quite decent at the time i just decided to accept this flaw and slightly workaround it by reducing the window size.

According to the Prad.de test, the U2412M also wasn't very outstanding on the overall uniformity, you just might got a very good unit.

Uniformity is not a technical defect by design like backlight bleeding, it is more or less just irritating.

If your device is otherwise perfect enough (no/subtle bleeding, decent glow, no defective pixel, no inclusions) changes are you might trade a less obvious uniformity spot with a more severe/central one.
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Its fine at lower refresh rates.
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Using 3m DisplayPort cable on 144hz without any issues. Only noticed some problems with the overclocking enabled (some colors were slightly shifted).
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guys, I'm pretty close to returning mine. Can't use ~20% of the screen while browsing because the color shift, even if subtle, makes reading really annoying. makes me question the point of this purchase. If the next one sucks as well, I may give up for the 2nd time on this monitor and simply wait half a year on my old, battered 2412m for Samsung 1440p 144hz displays.

Which I would prefer not to do because I bought a 1080GTX precisely for either 3440x1440 100hz, or 2560x1440 144hz. Going back to 1080p 60hz, even temporarily, means that I paid for nothing when buying the 1080GTX. It will be a terrible purchase because by the time Samsungs hit the market, we will be already at Vega and close to Volta, which (assuming the trend continues) will bring a 1080GTX performance for 60% of its current price in the form of a 1160GTX card.

When it comes to my piece, I believe Bleed can be considered "average", uniformity would be great if it wasn't for that stupid spot. It's definitively not the "lottery winner", it's just a decent piece.
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Samsung's SVA will have similar uniformity issues, not to mention the VA shift and slower response times on certain transitions.
And according to some reports of the C34F791, the quality control of newer SVA panels lacks the same way as (previously) AUO.

ParlyShary already described it correct:
Originally Posted by ParlyShary View Post

I dont think I've see a 100% uniform XB271HU, so if you come from a perfect panel you will be disappointed (uniformity wise).
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were your pieces different? you had three so far, did you see a spot (ie. in a corner) where the color temperature is different? I don't mean "slightly" different, I mean a spot where the grey is differently tinted than in other places.

My monitor has differently tinted yellow in most places but it's subtle and of the same "range" (warm) so it isn't even noticeable. But the corner gets "coldish" and that's what makes it stand out.
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All three units were "problematic" in terms of uniformity, they had some noticeable shift (e.g. left side were slightly more reddish). But overall this wasn't much worse than other competing IPS panels.
The only device that i remember as very uniform was a LG 27MU67, but even this one had some visible deviations on certain gray tones.

Here are my uniformity reports for the XB271HU:

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Can you tell me what did you use to make those reports?
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could I obtain same results with a cheaper colorimeter (spyder 3 for instance?)
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