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I think so, although the organic filters of older colorimeter might degrade at a faster rate than the more modern revisions.
The Spyder 5 EXPRESS looks quite decent.
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I could buy a used spyder 3 for 25$, which is about the max I could spend on such thing. Do you think it's worth it?
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The Spyder 3 is pretty old (2008), it uses organic filters which deteriorates after ~4 years. Most likely you only get incorrect results due to the dated filters.
It might work for uniformity measurements but not for a correct calibration, i don't think it's worth the price.
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I see. thanks for your input. I guess I'll refrain from buying one. Too expensive frown.gif

But I guess my piece is indeed similar to what you've measured. It's fairly uniform all around with a blueish spot.
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if I were to judge my own screen with my own eyes (since I've done pro calibrating in the past a lot so I know more or less what temperature am I looking at - I just don't own the tools anymore, since I've been doing this semi-professionally), I'd say the majority of the screen is within 6300-6500K range, and that 10% (right lower corner) shoots up to 6700-6800K territory.

Would you consider that normal, or acceptable?
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I would consider this normal, or inside the uniformity variance tolerance. If it's acceptable, this can only be decided by yourself.
If you are dependent on a near perfect uniformity, you might be better off with wide-gamut displays that includes uniformity correction.
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That would work, but those are 60hz, and expensive frown.gif

Oh well... guess my u2412m has spoiled me, hah.

I'm waiting for my 2nd one to compare (I hope it's december 2016 batch, not some 1-yo garbage they've taken out of the depths of their storage), TBH waiting for Samsung 1440p 144hz is still an option. Now I really do hate samsung, tbh, their products always have some pixel/dust problems, but I didn't see any of the CFG70 series with particularly poor temperature uniformity. Unless I'm mistaken?
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I've tested the C34F791, it got a defect pixel, one small dust inclusion and a very uneven uniformity.
About the CFG70 series, i found this for the C24FG70FQU on the Prad review:

Here are some comparison screenshots for the Dell UP2516D:

Color temperature variations about ~400CCT are pretty normal, only the correction reduces it to ~100CCT.

My report for the C34F791:

The report doesn't look so bad compared with my subjective rating, but even the "worst" XB271HU looked more uniform than my C34 unit.
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Just read the prad review (google translated):

"The color purity is worse. With a maximum delta C of 5.61 and an average delta C of 2.76, the monitor delivers only inadequate performance."

5.61 in the corner seems close to what I'm seeing, I guess. Same old story.

Powergate, thank you for your input. Care to take one more look into my monitor? biggrin.gif

I've been experimenting with different colors to show the issue and I think this one comes closest.

Notice how the center "warmness" gets cold around the right edge - it can be quite annoying when reading, albeit IF this is pretty much how all XB271HUs look, I could live with it I suppose... especially if that's a norm for IPS in general.

I know that my photo shows more of an issue at the LEFT corner, but in reality it's vice-versa. The left one is barely noticeable, and the right is like the left on the photo.

What do you think? (it's this thing: https://www.ledr.com/colours/grey.htm)
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Please use this photo in fullscreen (it's the same tone of grey):

Here is a sample picture of my display:

Although the gray was (unfortunately) corrected by the camera, you can see the unevenness in the center and on the lower left side.

More pictures with 1/8, ISO 50 and ISO 100:

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