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playing overwatch at 164 FPS WOWZERS! AMAZEBALLZZZZ just not sure i can get use to 27" i will take down omen x tonight and just have this one up by itself for a few weeks and see.
Aurora B
(18 photos)
Aurora B
(18 photos)
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Originally Posted by awartman View Post

Okay here are two pics from my PG279Q that I returned. It is very similar to what I am seeing on the acer.

On the one image I have what I thought was a dead pixel circled, but you can see all around it the slight white dots. This is what I am seeing, but they are incredibly hard to spot even in the dark. The other image if you look closely you can see the little white dots all around. This is what I am seeing on the acer as well. I find it really hard to believe I got 2 monitors with that many dead pixels.
Have you checked if it's dust?
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Yeah it's definitely not dust. I've cleaned it with a microfiber cloth and no improvement. I've also tried JSscreenfix on a few of them and it doesn't do anything. So far tonight ive tried lowering the 165hz overclock and that didn't help. I'll try different DP cables tomorrow.
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Any recommendations on hooking up Display Port to USB-C (Thunderbolt 3)? I was planning on a converter, but now see this cable that literally goes from Display Port to USB-C. But will it support an overclocked speed of 165Hz?


My other video options on my laptop are HDMI (which is a no-go since it's an older HDMI), and a mini Display Port (which is already used by a 21:9 monitor). So I'm going to use my USB-C / Thunderbolt video port... but was wondering the best method to connect from that to the monitor's Display Port.
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cant find where I read this on forum, but am I correct that disabling gsync will result in faster input lag? my monitor at moment is 165 but game I play is around 110 on ultra so if I disable gsync i'm never hitting the 165. that make sense or did I read that wrong?
Aurora B
(18 photos)
Aurora B
(18 photos)
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That's been my experience. I can consistently acquire targets faster and respond to threats with Gsync OFF. Screen tearing is a ***** but I'll take it if it gives me a competitive edge.
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After 2 return I finally get a good one.
It's a Dec.2016 unit as the previous 2.
No BLB, minimal glow.
Color temp uniformity (the reason why I sent back the previous monitor) is still not perfect, but as it don't bother me I consider it good (for a non-professional monitor)
The interesting thing is that the monitor calibration was near perfect out of the box (to naked eyes), as opposed to the others which had a green/yellow tint. This one seems more bright as well, with better colors.
I can post some pics if someone is interested.
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I'm jealous smile.gif

Please post the "grey pic". It shows the uniformity in a best way imho.

Mine arrives today and I'm pretty sure it's crap again. It's my 5th attempt.

Can't express how jealous I am regarding people who got great monitors in 1-3 attempts. For me, I guess 10 wouldn't be enough, lol.
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I think you should lower your expectations on this monitor, you will never get perfect uniformity.
Here is my grey:

Still not perfect but the best I've got so far.
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aww, left size is definitively yellow-tinted and the right side isn't, unless the photo exaggerates it.

But looks decent otherwise thumb.gif
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