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For now you can enjoy sme pictures i made while it was running,
it's not done as i've not installed the covers for SSD HDD and ODD, and of course resolved my graphic card problem (still mad about it)

Enjoy first bunch of pictures

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Quite some time since the last update.
Well things have moved on, and usually on the good way.

so lets see what i've done so far.

At first i put some black tape on the sides of my ODD to hide it a little and made it more on the style of the case.

Then i put the case on the bathroom scale and oh my... 25 kg.... humm i'm not sure if the 4 little hooks will hold it for long,; and after all this work, the last thing i want is to have a big crack noise in the middle of the night because my pc fall on the desk.

So lets prepare another hold solution.

Ok i found other system that is made for tightening together plank of furniture, hope it'll work.
first thing to do remove the wood piece and hooks, then drill a little more big hole instead.

on this hole i will put these

but first i have to remove some of the thread so i can put the little plate behind my aluminium frame, just to lower the pressure on the edges.

Ok looks fine, put a little anti rust mixture just in case

and put it in place:

Perfect, and a better look compared to the old one:

Now on the other side, because if you remember i was a little concerned about the wood frame where i fix my case:

So to be sure i won't have the problem, i prepare 4 plate of 2mm thick steel, put 10 screw holes on each and the nick to accept the part from the computer.

Like that :

put a littel balck anti rust paint just in case,

and now i just have to fix it on the wood...

put my pc below to make some tests and position correctly the 4 steel receptacles

fix the steel plates with powertape and then screw them,

And now the funny part...
This case is quite huge and i did not make any handles to help lifting the 25 kg, 70cm from the wall and with some plate that slighty moved when screwed (just a little millimeter, but enough to make it impossible to fit in easily)

so after 2-3 attempts i used this as support to have the pc near it's final position (5cm below)

yep that's RC copter boxes and books... it worked.

at last with the help of my wife (and the hammer for one hook in the middle that really f***ed up) i succeded to put in place, screw a little metal square to hold each hook, i took what i had, will find some that better suit later, at first my intention was to screw a whole aluminium strip on the front but i'm not sure if it will not be hell if i want to get down my PC and put it back in place.

but the result is starting to look very pretty, although it's not finished yet.

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Ok lets continue, one thing that is quite awfull on the rpevious picture is the place with the ODD and HDDs...

fortunately i prepared something for it:
As i had to go back to the fablab to make a new top for the crystal box, i prepared files to make covers for the ODD and the HDDs, simple 3mm wood cover, where i will stick a pictures cut in 3 parts...

and the picture is one i found on google when searching images with the name of my mod (and the one that i used for my avatar)

So i made all this but the laser cutter had a problem and all the pieces i made are like 97% of their desired sizes.... so for the cover i can handle it by just taking care with teh sticker not to bend it on the edges, but the top of the crystal box cannot be installed....
I'm pissed of because a complete set of pieces is good for the trash and i'm not sure i have enough scrap to make another one.

Anyway at least the ODD and HDDs are looking better:

what do you think ?? (sorry for the quality but they were taken with my phone, i promise, once my mod is done i will do better pictures and video, it's planned)
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So what i have still to do:

First perform some vents on the top of the crystal box, i ordered a 60mm noctua fan for that.
i have to order longer screws to be able to put noise reduction rubber washer for the hard drives because damn they are noisy... so for now i change the energy setting so the hard drives are shutted down after 2 minutes.

Speaking of HDD, i have to replace one that is dying with a 1TB hard drive i just replaced on my nas.

Speaking of noise, i have a little concern with the lower pump... it's quite silent but as it's perpendicular and hold by rigid tubes, some of the vibrations are transmitting through them into the radiators and the case., not too much but enough that i can suppress the little bass sound by pressing the tube or pump with my finger,
So to have a better decoupling i think i will remove exchange some of the rigid tubing that connect this pump with soft tubing and elbow. and i will put a brand new black shoggy sandwich because i know it works very well (yes i'm very tough with noise matter)

and as for now i'm using the air cooled gtx580 that i borrowed from my friend, i will replace it by a brand new gtx1080 with waterblock, for now i'm waiting for either the msi sea hawk, evga hydro copper or zotac arctic storm.
I don't want to buy a founder edition that cost too much for a heatsink i will remove, and if i can gain some perfs with a custom card why not.

but apprently that may brings me to mid to end of july.

Oh and last point, as i foudn hard to fill it correctly and remove bubbles (the reservoir inside the drive res 3 is not meant to be positionned like that and so is not working very well) so i will put a reservoir between the GPU and the lower pump., so ordered a reservoir also, but i will install it when replacing the video card. But believe me i was surprised when i did my first star wars battlefront game, because i quickly realised i have big fan noise, so i was surprised that all my fans could do that, checked them, ok not from them they are stopped !... the PSU is fan less also and whoaw all of that jsut for the video card ??? i know why i love REAL watercooling thumb.gif

i don't have picture for now but as i love DCS world, i bought a secondary monitor, touchscreen this one and a second monitor arm stand so i can move them and place them side by side or top bottom according i'm playing to DCS or not.
will post a video about that later but it's awesome.
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something is coming tomorrow... and it's not winter
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postman put something on my letter box biggrin.gif

yes at last (ok i have to admit i received the card on july 1st),

woaw the card is HUGE, really, look the comparison with the gtx580 which is not small

Gasp, will i have enough space to fit this fat girl ??? maybe.

Ok so i flush the system, remove the dead GTX770, remove the tubes between the GPU and CPU, GPu and pump and pump to radiator, because i want to change the noise dampening system for the pump.

Hard tubing is cool, it's nice, neat, BUT it also transmit vibrations.... and because of that i had a bass noise from the pump to the radiator.
So i will do the following modifications:
  1. Install MSI SEAHAWK EK X GTX1080
  2. Install a reservoir after the GPU to catch the air bubbles and feed correctly the pump while filling.
  3. Install pump using a black shoggy sandwich
  4. Connect the reservoir to pump with a little soft tube to damper vibrations a little
  5. Connect the pump to the radiator with a soft tube
  6. Remove the old reservoir that i installed on the top radiator

i'm sorry there was not a lot of pictures as i wanted to finish fast (had a deadline from my wife because it was the mess during the update because of the tools and parts all over)
so here are some pictures of the installation of the shoggy sandwich

if you zoom on this one you might notice near the screw on the shoggy sandwich some little black lines...

They are wires, textile wires, because the shoggy sandwich was designed to be placed horizontaly, not verticaly, so with the pump weight the glue provided originaly on the shoggy sandwich is not strong enough and holds... 10 seconds at best.

So i removed the original glue, used a strong glue to glue the 3 layers of the sandwich together, let it dry for 24 hours and then i sew some wires not very tight just to serve as retainer, to be sure that the sandwich will not tears appart.

For now it works and still holds, so i hope it will continue.

On the firsts attempts to fill the loop i realised it was very hard to fill it and worse to remove remaining air bubbles that made more noise and reduce flow rate. I even had to put the case at 90° to get rid of them.

So i decided to change my strategy and instead of putting a reservoir at the top (but on a conenction wich is not at top, i will put the reservoir near the bottom jsute before the pump.
The radiator will be connected directly from the GPU and i will put a down connection to the pump from the reservoir.

In theory it's easy... in reality i had to serch for the good reservoir with good size and ports displacement to align two of them on the GPU and pump.

I found my savior as a EK res x3 with the multiport, i connect it directly from the GPU (thanks god it takes place within a millimeter) and then to the pump with a double 45° connector. I use 5cm of blue soft tube so i cut the vibrations from the pump.

On the output of the pump a 90° connector then blue soft tube until another 90° connector into the radiator.
This way i remove almost all the vibrations and sounds from the pump.I had "black" fittings but i bought nanoxias's fitting to have neat black fittings and not dark chrome cheap version

and finally i removed the reservoirthat was a top right of the case. the idea was good but the connection was not on the top but in the middle of the radiator so it didn't work as expected at all.

Oh by the way , i'm lucky because the GTX1080 fit just on all the place i had.... it event touch a little the flowmeter on it's top side.

The loop is finished, not that bad even if not perfect as it was in hard tubing, leak testing ok on second try after changed 2 dead o-rings.
Filling is far easier and faster now, and the air bubbles are trapped in a couple of minutes.

Noise dampening for the pump works great, only have to reconnect the flow meter that disconnected (cable management is not easy now that case is installed on the wall.

oh yes i forgot to mention that i perform all this maintenance operations with the case still on the wall, by removing the corresponding plates from the front side.

here is a little video jsut to show you at what level of silence i like to be, you will hear the pumps and some fans at middle speed (they can be more noisy after long gaming sessions, 4h+ ) and then i will spin up the hard drive (i put hard drives spin off to 2 minutes to be sure they are almost allways stopped)

another video is uploading to show temperatures while a long session of elite dangerous details maxed in timelapse.

Now some numbers: the tests were made with an ambiant temperature at 28-29°c, the video card heated up to 42-43 degres, if i put vsync on i can even get it to 32-35 degres as it will have 30% gpu usage instead of 95%

see my video below about this point:

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So i tested my cooling system few evenings and it works perfectly.

I consider this part of the project as done.

Now what's remaining ??? not too much, i have to check if i can enhance noise dampening for the 2 hard drives, change the bottom hard drive and put the cover on it, alos fix the covers on the SSD.

About the SSD covers, i bought 3 of them on a website from portugal, they are 3mm mat black acrylic and one of them has the intel logo on it. I don't know if i will use the logo or not. In fact i don't know if i leave them black or if i print somthing to cover them jsut like i did on the ODD and HDD covers.

What do you think ???
Or may be use them to write the name of the mod... i really don't know, so, if you have any idea tell me.

and i have to rebuild the top of the crystal box to include vents... last attempt was unsuccessfull because i didn't checked the produced pieces.
won't happens next time.

and after all of that the final stage will be to take pretty pictures and video and i will have done with a whole fu**ing year project...

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