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Club3D's customer service is horrid. Sure, they respond, but each time with something inane and totally useless. I'm going to start working with's customer service department to see if I have any luck in getting a replacement adapter.

My setup is:
Powercolor+ R9 380 4gb

Doing the DP->HDMI 2.0 adapter from Club3D I am only able to get 1920x1200. Customer service keeps ragging on me about how my HDMI cables are out of spec. The same cables I've been using can do 4K @ 30hz and all of a sudden when I use the adapter and the cables I can only get 1920x1200 max. I've got the latest Radeon Crimson Edition Drivers, CRU, and Pixelpatcher. Still nothing. Added the custom resolution for 4K at CVT - Reduce Blanking... Nothing. I am told that the quality control of this adapter is SOOOO good in fact that they have less than 0.01% defect in manufacturing.

Seeing all the issues addressed here I am doubtful of their manufacturing process and overall product compatibility. Others have used the same adapter with success on my exact TV and my TV has no additional firmware updates (official) beyond the initial one from the factory and no successful 3rd party mods have been made to enable any locked EDID (4:4:4) for the SE42UGT.

It seems real odd that my AMD R9 380 and TV combination will not do 4K @ 60hz. I'm very tempted to just throw away this video card and the stupid adapter and get a GTX 1070 and call it a day. Very very tempted.