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I have read of all this thread and already found a lot of useful info in here. I am planning to build gaming pc based on Node 202 and I just wanted to ask you some questions if you dont mind.

1. Do you think it would be possible to place node 202 horizontally inside a desk like the one presented below? (let just say that there is totally 15 cm height space between the top and the bottom of this desk? Would that be enough for Node 202 to breathe ?. If you really think it is not recommended please advise

2. how many case fans can I fit in the Node 202 to help the air get out or get in the case?

Please do tell what kind case fans(any aprticular models) would work to work with Node 202

3. Can you actually set case fans to switch from intake/outtake or in other words the exhaust the hot air to the outside of the case, or suck the fresh air into the case ?

Thank you very much for reply smile.gif

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Hello. In reply to your questions...

1. Yes it will fit in a 15cm space as the height of the case with the rubber feet is about 8.8cm, giving you breathing space of 6.2 cm. But, depending on the parts you're planning to put there, I can't really say if that's enough breathing space. If you're planning to put in your build a Skylake i7 then it might cause some temp issues for you if you don't have a good cooling solution. I use my Node 202 in the vertical position, I heard that placing it in the horizontal position causes a bit of cooling issues for some people when it comes to the temps of their GPU as there's not much space under the case for air to be sucked into the case.

Could help a little more if you tell us what you plan to put into your Node 202 smile.gif

2. There are 2x 120mm fan slots in the GPU chamber which would be positioned under your GPU in the horizontal position. But like what I did, I mounted a 25mm thick case fan (now a 140mm case fan) above the CPU for extra cooling which mostly helps the motherboard temps. I've only worked with the SP120 120mm fans from Corsair and at the moment have installed 2x Noctua NF-F12 120mm case fans in the GPU chamber. It's advised that you go for static pressure fans rather than air flow as your dealing with tight spaces.

3. Yes you can set case fans to either intake or exhaust just by turning the fan around. On most fans nowadays, you'll find arrows that will show you the orientation of air flow and the direction the fans spin.

Hope this helps! smile.gif
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Thank you very much Richard for very detailed reply smile.gif

I initially planned my built to be:

Purpose: Gaming only in 1080P. But not like addictive junior high nerd DOTA gaming style. I am more like a person that grew up on doom 1, spear of destiny, wolf 3d, dynablaster. very oldschool guy, who would like ocasionally to play a shooter (BF1 is coming) for 1-2 hours during the week. Good old gaming times are gone for me, but Id to sink in the gaming once in a while wink.gif.

Case:Fractal Design Node 202
CPU: Intel i5-6600K => max OC till 4 Ghz
MOBO: ASRock Z170 Extreme4
Memory: Kingston Hyperx Fury 8gb 2133 cl14
SDD: Crucial 480GB 2,5'' SATA SSD BX200
Cooler: Thermalright axp 100
PSU: Corsair SF450 450W (CP-9020104-EU)
Monitor: Asus vp 228t

+Case fans.

I guess thats all ?

If you feel that for 1080 gaming I could save some money on any of the above part, please do tell maybe rx 490 instead of gtx 1070 ?

Case position:
Vertical positon could work ! as I can set my case under the desk, which shouldnt disturb feng shui in my tiny living room smile.gif

I am also thinking of switching Node 202 for Thermaltake V1 - cube shaped case, that maybe would be easier for me to build and I wont have to stress about temps that much.

My goal is not to exceed temps of 85 C for GPU and 60 for CPU. These are just my idea about safe temps. I really didnt calculate them based on any actual potential

Thanks again Richard

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Nice build!

Seeing others build with an i5 cpu, their temps were very stable even when overclocked in the Node 202. They were reporting around 55-60 degrees with a 4.0 Ghz overclock on full load.

I'm sure going for a rx 490 or 480 will save you quite a bit of money, probably $200.00 more or less. And looking at the benchmarks for the rx 480, it's a pretty good performer in Doom (2016) - Only a difference of approx. 20 fps between rx 480 and the GTX 1070 especially using the Vulkan API. But I don't know how it would perform temperature wise. Don't really know much about ATI cards rolleyes.gif

I considered the V1 at first too! Was really looking forward to making it, but then I found the Node 202 and just fell in love hehehe. Just like how portable and slim the Node 202 is. But the V1 will be a lot easier to build in and temps will be easier to stabilize. It just won't fit in your slim desk with that 15cm opening. biggrin.gif

Right now these are my temps after playing 20 minutes of Doom 2016 with the Node 202 in vertical position ...

So temps are pretty stable in my Node 202 during normal gaming loads.

Hope this helps you in your decision making thumb.gif
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Forgot to mention...

The MSI GTX 1070 supposedly runs cooler than the Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1070 I have despite the Gigagbyte having 3 fans. So that'll help you get your desired safe temps thumb.gif
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You are the man Richard !

Thanks a lot for your support and the information. Now I actually feel more comfortable that Node 202 can handle all my needs.

Case: Fractal Design Node 202
CPU: Intel i5-6600K => max OC till 4 Ghz
MOBO: ASRock Z170 Extreme4
Memory: Kingston Hyperx Fury 8gb 2133 cl14
SDD: Crucial 480GB 2,5'' SATA SSD BX200
Cooler: Thermalright axp 100
PSU: Corsair SF450 450W (CP-9020104-EU)
Monitor: Asus vp 228t

Just few more things I wanted to ask you:

I am really dull when it comes to that that I need some help:

1. Parts Substitutes (In case of out of stock at my Computer shop)

PSU Should I look for anything special in here ? Just SFX format round 500 W 80+ should be ok ?
CPU Fan Cryorig C7 or Thermalright axp 100? (Does it really matter that much ? wink.gif)
Case Fans Anything particular for GPU Case chamber fans and CPU chamber one ? Please advise
Mobo Is MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC also ok?

2. Do I need any screws, screwdrivers or special cables or anythng custom to assembly the above Node 202 build?
3. I wonder if you wouldnt mind making the screeen as you did above from Battlefield 1 ( if you have an access to closed alpha;))

Thanks again once again you are the man !
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Parts Substitution

PSU: I found the stock 450W Integra PSU that came with the case ran everything in my build fine, but had quite an audible coil whine. Highest quality SFX PSU right now will be the Corsair SF series and if you find a sale and match price then that would be good. Their fans stay off until it reaches a certain temp so they're very quiet. So the Corsair SF450 should work fine with your build. I just bought the Corsair SF600 because it was the one in stock. Other branded SFX PSUs like Silverstone are being reported by others as having some coil whine too but are very capable too.

CPU Fan: Don't really have much experience with other CPU coolers as the Node 202 is only the second time I put a PC together. But I've heard good things with the C7 and the AXP 100 from other builders. The Noctua does the job for me. And right now, I've become a Noctua fan! Hehehe thumb.gif

Case Fans: Nothing in particular here. Just make sure that they are Static Pressure - to push as much air as possible through confined spaces - rather than air flow fans.They don't need to run at high RPMS, as long as they get the cool air from outside into the case for the GPU fans to use. Helps cooling the GPU a lot.

MOBO: I was choosing between the MSI and the Asus Z170 too. Preference just came to look, style, layout, and I/O connections, and the price over here for the Asus Z170i Pro Gaming was cheaper than the MSI Z170 mITX mobo. I was just more comfortable with the Asus because my previous mobo was an Asus too. Performance wise, I don't know much, but I believe they'll perform pretty much the same. For overclocking, I just read that the Asus has good overclocking capabilities. I'm not doing overclocking in this case as that would produce more heat for my CPU (i7 6700) and I have the non-"K" version, so my CPU not really made for overclocking.

For putting together the case, all you really need is a screw driver and cable ties for cable management and scissors to cut the cable ties.

I'm not sure I have access to the BF1 close alpha. Might look into it because never used a closed alpha or beta versions of games before.

Glad to be of help BR! thumb.gif
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Thank you very much for all the information and insights you have given me so far !

Whats the main use of your build ?

I am wondering if you are just enthusiast or a graphic designer or a gamer, or just married as I am wink.gif ?

Have you tested your PC in 1080 games recently how does it perform ?

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Hehehehe yeah, just married thumb.gif

I'm not an enthusiast or graphic designer but I do like to game from time to time when I can, while the baby is asleep and the wife is busy doing her artsy crafty things. biggrin.gif And I just like to appreciate and awe at technology today especially in the PC world. Amazing how technology has advanced! Just love seeing how games look in all their glory with all settings turned up! Because I never got to experience this until 2014 when I built my first computer. smile.gif

But probably 80% of the time, I use my Node 202 for productivity doing office work. And I bring my Node 202 from the office to home EVERY DAY! Which is why I choose to go with the Node 202 too. Still trying to look for a suitable bag to put it in too, because only been putting it back into it's original box for transporting. Yes I know this computer is overkill for that, but once you use a high spec'd PC, you can't go back hehehe. tongue.gif

Gaming in 1080p games with the GTX 1070 is a breeze. With everything set to Ultra settings in the latest games, the GTX 1070 won't even break a sweat but fans are spinning at 54% which is a bit audible but headphones (when baby is asleep) or loud speakers solve that. GTX 1070 is meant to be the sweet spot for 2k resolution or 1440p but I don't have the budget for a monitor like that yet. I bought a AOC G2770PQU 27" 1080p 144hz 1ms GTG monitor just recently to get the most out of the GTX 1070's power. Love the buttery smoothness of 144hz! In Doom (2016) Ultra-Nightmare settings in 1080p my frames are always above 100fps, haven't really seen or notice it dip under 100 thumb.gif So I'm guessing this build will last for a while until games get insanely crazy with the graphics or if I ever decide to go into 4k gaming (not likely for me in the next 10 years as we're expecting another little one in November redface.gif.)

Well, hope I gave as much help as I could for your next build!

Enjoy building!
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Aaaaaaand sold !smile.gif

I am convinced to go with Node 202 build. I think it should handle all that I want to do on it.

BTW mobile Node 202 !? It weighs round 7-8 KG 18 LBS ? Do you at least drive to the office ? or are you using public transportation ?tongue.gif

Good to know that in can handle 1080p without a sweat. Just for fun I will google 144 Mhz Monitors, because I havent even consider that.

Good luck with your baby thumb.gif

I will keep you posted on my progress with this build.
Also I have just discussed with a colleague of mine to go for NO OC option and choose i7 6700 and B150 chipset MOBO.
Will have something to think about while 'working hard' in the office thumb.gif.

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