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Decided to get crazy and delid today. The vice method worked great. It was super easy to feel the rubber give. Then I just pealed it apart. The heat spreader is heavier than it looks. I lapped the IHS with 220 dry then 600, 800, 1000, 1500, then 2000 all wet. Finally for the mirror finish I biffed it with silicone thermal grease for a few minutes. Turned out beautifully shiny. I used Liquid Metal Ultra on the die and under the heat sperader where the die sits. I used the clamp to hold the IHS down instead of using glue. On top I used Gelid GC-Extreme. With a quick stress test I lowered my max temps on the hottest core from 82C down to 66C. Thats a 16C improvement!!! Crazy. Here are some pictures.

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What a title phew, My first delid Imma version .. . .

Well my very first delid I used a vice , and did it the wrong way thumb.gif
*Whatever WAS the correct position/ side to be locked into the vice teeth[after I sat there meticulously taping it up nicely ever so gentle and proper telling my cpu dontt worry baby this really won't hurt you may be just an i5 but baby your ready] I placed it in the other way wings not included. .

I must've hit the thing 20 times with the wood telling myself no no don't go any harder take your arse home your about to wreck this cpu bruh. ..

So anyways, my first delid ended up also being my first i5/i7 lapping session .. I stopped at 1200 on purpose though I had up to 2500 grit wet dry

The top had whole entire vice bites in it on the previously mentioned 'wrong side' and they were bites that made the ihs non flat, bigtime too.

It runs at 4.5 with 1.235 /cache at 42 w/ 1.17 with a c14 noctua + single thermalright fan max 70 degrees
-and 4.8ghz with 1.35 though it probably would go lower somewhat on the volts with watercooling idk

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Well it's been some time, but I finished my build over a month ago. Still doing little OS and hardware tweaks and what not.
Ounce and after I figure out how to do a descent and proper stress test I'll move on to the delid phase. Need to get a heat
gun, mine is missing. bought some of that German lapping sand paper. Here's some images of my build:

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