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Have you tried 220V fans that are doubble the thickness of a normal 12CM fan and has a metal or alloy casing?
Those fans are awesome. Cooling performance is much greater compared to normal fans that spins slow.
They are extremly noisy and if its mounted ouside the house It should be a perfect thumb.gif

I was curious about the channeling piece for the 12cm fans. If it had increace performance I'd try it out biggrin.gif

I'm just sugesting since your 8CM fans could be quite loud mounting it outside would have it running at full speed wihout making the living room loud thumb.gif
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well without the shroud I needed 6 fans for 35mm thick radiators, with the shroud I only need 3 fans on radiators 35mm thick so I would say they definitely help, but if your running 6 fans already on a 360mm radiator, than it would be no improvement at all.

but if the radiator is 43mm or thicker you will need all 6 fans again and there the shrouds help again.

its all a matter of what your are building.
this needs all 6 fans and the shrouds for it to cool well.
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So compared to directly mounting the fans onto the radator, the shroud giving a bit of space between the radiator will improve performance?
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that is a yes and no answer,
yes, the shrouds allow the 3 fans to move more air through a 35mm thick radiator, than when compared to 3 fans that are directly mounted to the radiator.
a example of this is what I saw with my 35mm radiators with all 6 fans attached to the radiator directly the fans where moving as much air as they would if they where attached to nothing.

and with 3 fans on the same 35mm radiators with shrouds, the same is true, the fans are moving about the same amount of air as they would if they where attached to nothing.

but the shrouds are still only going to help the fans achieve the amount of air flow that they are capable of doing anyway, they do nothing more for the fans.

the reason I needed all 6 fans, and the shrouds on the monstra 80mm thick radiator, is that even with all of that on the radiator, the air flow through the radiator is still slightly restricted, when compared to the amount of air the fans are capable of moving when attached to nothing.
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So are we saying if the radiator is air restritive and the fans do not have enough static pressure adding a shroud can help with improving the cooling performance?

So 3 fans on radator, not enough static pressure.
Same fans on raditor with added shroud helping getting air through restricted radiator = to more perfromance?
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ok so this is what I need to place on the table top for mounting its a lot of hardware but this is basically how I was thinking of placing all the stuff on the table top.
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The shrouds don't improve airflow per say, they simply lower restriction that you would normally have with a large fan hub right up against the radiators fins, creating a 'dead-zone' so to speak, in theory there is now more of the original airflow contacting surface area of the radiator, which should improve temps some-what.

I'm keen to see how this awesome build turns out.
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Interesting project, looking forward to the results.
I've been looking at redoing my loop, it's not performing very well on the hottest australian days (40-45degrees C).
I'm pretty sure i'm having an issue with the amount of restriction my rads are putting on my fans. Interesting comments about the shrouds.
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ok so this is what the hot side of the loop will look like if your looking straight down on it.
the radiators will have frames built for them to hold them in the upright position, there are two D5 pumps and one reservoir, there are six 360mm radiators with three fans on each, there are three fan controllers, one for every two radiators or six fans.
there is the power supply for the D5 pumps and the fan controllers, and one of the three power supplies for the TEC's is in this area.
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