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Originally Posted by Minacious View Post

Yep, still sexy.

Cheers smile.gif

Tried asking Nzxt for a Lexa 350 frobt panel but seems ifs bot made any more... Even though it was released in China in 2015.... Worth a google, giant plexi LED screen for the front of thr s340
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Originally Posted by orbitalwalsh;29071538 

Swapped the white for red, much better! Just last pcie to go .
Most likely route the top pcie cable between the GPUs and underneath the second so its not hanging down.


Under lock as cats are eating cables. PSU tomorrow
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After going back to basics with one ram stick in and clearing the CMOS with gigabytes handle red button. success !!!
4GB @ 2133hz, then 8GB and then full 16GB. yet to play around with timings nor check bios version and is the 950pro is read, but CPU was recorded @ 25c with one fan running, room tempt being 20c.
Also received 2 fans and the correct red cable on my lunch break biggrin.gif
Cant wait for the Alphacool block to arrive and also sort the red LEDs for the GPU shroud biggrin.gif

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So, got some parvum fans for £8 each, got to say their the nicest fans I've used personally. Hoping to give a bit more of a stealth appeal




Rear swapped

Both swapped

Should give a lot more flow then the stock fans and operate quieter , specially with a rad going in the front for the GPUs , nice to get the hot air out.
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Well, Stage One Complete .

Build with all Non water cooling parts and Board Overclock

Swapping out the bright red pcie for the darker red to match the rest. Much better


Stage 2 will be the modding of the Turbos to allow hybrid cooling and the 3rd will be water setup and benching

Prob install windows in the morning and get a quick vid of the Hue+ in action
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Treat came today smile.gif

Red shows the area where I have to cut, 10mm x 10mm to get the shroud mounting points to mate with the card.
Application will be mount the block, then the should using 2 anchor points at the IO end , then the backplate to the block with the top right going through the block and into the shroud, may have to drill through

Block will fit in the shroud with a 5mm height gap, width will be tight
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started to get to work on the Hybrid cooling, but whilst the card was out i had a chance to add some heatsinks 20mmx20mmx5mm to the Pro 950,

All laid out

As with the previous post, i needed to trim off more and had to get the width down on the block by rooming a fin from the top and bottom, to do this i had to take out the waterblock from the heatsink and came across this

That indeed is a lot of paste making NO contact with the heatsink. Alphcool advertises the whilst the block isnt fully watercooled, the plate can transfer heat to the block to be cooled down. looking at this I can see why users have been monitoring high VRM temps. In theory is a perfect idea but the execution is poorly lacking, so be warned with the Alphacool blocks ! The solution would of been to countersink the screws holding the waterblock cold plate to the body. might sand down the screw heads

top side up, fits like a glove!

Correct way up, will need to trim the bottom left fin just to make sure it clears the mount point

From this image you can see the Ram will need to be trimmed off. i Though about trimming down the fins but still won't work and dont want to cut the memory plate section and just easier to cut the ramp, and plastic glue back on in future. You can also see with the heatsink, theres plenty of height clearance too

quick poor shot of the heatsink over the current board, trimmed the pin header section to allow the fan to connect.

Hope tonight to mount the whole thing together and attach the red LEDs to the fan section to light it up.

With the second card i'll just use the universal alphacool mounting without the heatsink and use some heatsinks for ram chips.
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Teaser shots. Just need to drill the inlet and outlet ports. Then do it all over again

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Hoping I can get the holes done tonight. Will order an extender for the Monsoon 90 to clear the casing as Im using 16/10mm chain gun fittings.

Sink down and see bits that i've hacked off to make it work. least all the ram chips are now covered

Backing plate is quite thick so its grown a bit, should have the clearance though

Cables coming out are for the red LEDs, couldnt line them where I wanted but should ass a nice glow

Nice snug fit, having cut a fin off the top and bottom of the card and heat should be vented out nicely

very torn to whether or not spray it gloss white... or leave it so you clearly know its a mod

card has put on some weight so will be testing the Gaming 7s steel jacket PCIe's
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Just placed the H240X into the S340 to see how much room I have to work with... Ouch

Plan is to go from the pump to the top card and the bottom to the rad for best looks, may have to be the other way around for ease. But shall see.

Also, thank god I'm not using the stock coolant as it just look so wrong !!!

Should look good with Mayhems Blood Red liquid and internal LED to light it up. Res is fully visible when panel is on through the window. Lines up nicely
Although I messed up the inlet and outlet holes in the casing and had to cut a square to save it all. Super gutted and depressing but will have it on the bottom, hopefully tubing will hide it a bit. Was a few mm off and ended up making it worse frown.gif
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