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Worklog: JP[TCX2]

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Hi Overclockers!!!

Yestarday I just started this worklog. I hope, If all go fine, I will finish in 2 or 4 month...

Hardware: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Case: ???
Motherboard: Asus X99-M WS
CPU: i7-5930K
RAM: 4x4GB Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 2666
GPU: KFA2 GTX 970 EXOC Infin8 Black Edition SLI
HDD: WD Caviar Green 1T + 3T
Sound Card: Asus Xonar Essence STX
Power Supply: Seasonic X1250W (SS-1250XM) + Corsair wire personalized
Keyboard: Logitech G710+
Mouse: Razer Taipan
Monitor: Dell U3415W
S.O.: Windows 10 Pro
Speakers: KRK Rokit 5 v2 (x2)

Watercooling (2 loops): Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
CPU: EK Supremacy EVO X99 - Nickel
RAM: EK-RAM Monarch X2 - Acetal+Nickel (x2) + EK-RAM Monarch Module-Black (x2)
GPU: Full personalized waterblocks (x2)
Control: Aquaero 6
Pump: Aquacomputer D5 PWM (x2) + Bitspower D5 MOD TOP - Black "S" Model - BP-D5TOPPS-BK (x2) + Bitspower D5 Mod Kit Matt Black BP-D5MA-MBK (x2)
Reservoir: Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250 - POM - ICE Black - BP-WTZM250P-IBKBK (x2)
Fittings: Coolforce CF1 Fitting - Hard Tube Adaptor - straight - G1/4 male to 12mm - black (xY)
Pipe: Acrylic 10/12
Rads: Alphacool UT60-360 (x2) and/or XT45-240 (x2)
Fants : EK Vardar F4 and/or NB Black Silent Pro

Others RL:
Aqua-Computer Filter G1/4 Stainless Steel Mesh, Ball valves and mounting plate (x2)
Aqua-Computer Flow sensor MPS flow 400, G1/4 53132 (x2)
Bitspower G1/4 Matt Black AIR-Exhaust Fitting - BP-MBETAIR (x2)
Bitspower G1/4 Matt Black Stop Fitting BP-MBWP-C06 (xY)

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All material ordered...



And started with case...




Comment that is almost as big as the CaseLabs I had, this was even more so to be for E -ATX boards . The impression has been very good and I liked the box, but ... I've already started to gut and that you will suffer some changes in the structure ...

Then , I took the blocks and better pressure test that connect directly to a faucet ...

It has been an hour both maximum pressure as a stopper position and there has been no sign of leakage. After I went back to disassemble and clean thoroughly to remove all traces of lime or dirt from the pipes. Finally I left the circuit ready to meet tomorrow and leave a few hours with a maximum power D5


I bring progress this afternoon.

I began purging and filling the circuit to check the blocks.

After I go to present components. At first I had thought only 2 Alphacool UT60-360 place , but I thought a idea also put 2 XT45-240 and present



Lack check the clearance between the block and the fan. So after spending about 5 hours circuit leak I have emptied and placed the blocks into the charts and lock into place


The truth is that I liked rads positions, except the upper left a fair space, the ideal would be to replace them with XT45-360, but would lose money in the exchange, so I have to think carefully.

At the bottom go reservoirs, pumps, filters and flow sensors. Here it is where I presented the first problem. I do not fit the reservoirs with 300mm, Reservoirs are long and does not fit all. Here no choice but to sell them and buy some smaller.

Another solution would be to remove the upper rads and place deposits just below the fans, thus, would also be high and the filling and draining of the real circuit would.

Then I saw that the front of the box has a broken leg sujeccion, in fact, nor was inside the box, I searched and searched and no, not this. A part of being in all the anchor points of the grid all grated. Therefore, the cash came from Xtremmedia so, luckily it was new.

Tomorrow I want probe all components (mb, cpu, gpus, ram, ssd and case io panel. I hope don't found any surprise...

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Some problems, but maybe I can Continue...

Case returned...
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