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For Sale:
AudioTrak ImAmp - Best starter desktop and portable amp? Comes with some extras too!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Start off with some reviews:


Yeah, it's really that good.


Functionally this thing is solid. Works perfectly. Battery still holds a hell of a charge (I've had it die twice on me since I've owned it). All the plugs and stuff work perfectly.


Cosmetically is a tad different story. I've traveled with this...a lot...and it shows. So, yes, there are a few nicks and scratches along with some Velcro on top but if you can get over that then the sound and quality and portability make up for it all. 


Comes with a gold plated 1/4 jack to 3.5mm adapter, power adapter (the original one), and a paid of Baldoor E100's...just cause! ;-) Oh, also a RCA cable if need be!


Asking $55 shipped in the US!