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I didnt try because i want to manually test it so i can learn to OC
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Oh gotcha 3.8Ghz is a preset. Yea, they are always ultra-conservative on the voltage on those presets. They give the chip way more than it needs. Definitely go manual.
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I hope that i will do better than auto settings!!!
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Hiya, new here at overclock.net, really loving this fine G3258 cpu, bought my 2nd one today.
I have 4.5GHZ rock solid, ring ratio at default, currently at 1.24v (started at 1.267v and am working my way down). 4.6 seems a bit troublesome as i didnt get it to stay stabile in windows even at 1.28v, and 4.7 wont even boot, hangs at the spinning windows colourballs.
Get about 4100/7800 in geekbench 3 64bit and 2049/3930 in CPU-Z. OC memory 1600MHZ to 2400MHz (12-12-12-30) aswell.

I think I might have a good specimen, but not sure what defines a good overklock, 4.7-4.9? Stock intel cooler aswell as my microITX case want take much bigger HSFs.

I have the MSI Z97-ACmotherboard, 16Gb (2*8GB) RAM Corsair XMS3 1600.
Gladly take pointer on what to set the different settings to, been away from OCing for a good number of years.

My new G3258 is a SR1V0 / 3418C000, know if they're any good? Pairing it with either a CORSAIR H80 watercooler or a ANTEC Kühler H20 920 water cooler I have lying around, or might go stock again :-)
Motherboard is a GIGABYTE Z97P-D3 rev 1.0 ATX
Graphics is ZOTAC GTX 670 AMP! Edition (680+ speed), or a regular EVGA GTX 680 with aftermarket cooler ARCTIC Accelero twin turbo II. Think the G3258 can handle more GPU?
// Clockmannn
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4.5 GHz is nice OC. Trying to stress it too much would only kill the CPU. 4.2GHz is still passable OC, and usable in games that doesn't need 4 cores. (Actually it's awesome in these games, and can beat up larger non OC CPUs.)
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Tried my other G3258 now, struggles to get past 4.2ghz, guess they're quite different then. Not same motherboard or anything though. Z97-D3 gigabyte f5bios (second latest)
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Hey all Overclockers, i got this CPU 2 years ago with a Gigabyte B85M-DS3H 2.0, I know its not the best mobo for OC, but i had really low budget, built a pc for less than $300 (without the RAM), including Zalman case, WD black „TB, some ****ty 550w PSU and the mobo, i already had some Corsair Vengeance Rams which i still use. Now my problem is that i see everywhere that the CPU can be OC-d with stock cooler and this mobo easily to 4.0 (even with 1.2v Vcore limit), but i am unable to achieve it. I never did stress tests, only measure temperature, but never got beyond 3.6-3.7 Ghz. What i am doing wrong? The only things i changed from default Bios settings are the multiplier and the vcore. Any advice?
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