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CrossOver 2730MD LED S-IPS PCB replacement

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I am looking for a new Panel Board Controller (PCB) to replace the deftect one from my CrossOver 2730MD LED.
Unlike the TCON, the PCB for this model seems almost impossible to find.

Would anyone here have a clue where I can find it, or if any alternative PCB should work?

While I'm still not sure if the culprit is the TCON or the PCB, I would suspect the PCB to be the culprit of my recent issues.


The CrossOver 2730MD LED is an LG S-IPS Panel

Panel model: LM270WQ1 (SD)(B3)

PCB model            VCB1501
PCB P/NO             VPM-0162AA
PCB manuf date    2012.08.18   


TCON model          LM270WQ1-SDE2
TCON model          LM270WQ1-SDE2   p/n: 6870C-0367A

Panel's datasheet: http://www.datasheet-pdf.com/datasheet-download.php?id=908444
Monitor official link: http://www.crosslcd.co.kr/main.html?tmp=product&pg=2730MD

PCB to be replaced: http://i.imgur.com/8RNiSIh.jpg
... some more pics: http://imgur.com/a/iCpUg




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Could please someone answer me ?
I'm looking for a compatible PCB replacement for my CrossOver 2730MD LED S-IPS
(Panel LM270WQ1-SDB3)

There are tons of LM270WQ1 Panels for sale on ebay, but I wouldn't know which one is compatible for sure (I can't find any SDB3 and I'm sure i'm not even restrained to that specific model only... There are 20 different model in the LM270WQ1-serie ... mine is the (SD)(B3), but I really need to know which one I could use as replacement before buying... Otherwise i'll have to throw my monitor the bin and just forget about it.. I've been trying to have the information from CrossOver, but they ain't replying me..

Some Hong Kong ebay seller is trying to sell me a replacement kit, but it's not clear which model it is... his english is so limited (yea even worse than mine) that i can hardly get any relevent information of the kit he's trying to sell me.. I guess I would need some monitor-savvy guy like NCX to help figuring this out...

Here's the list of all 20 models in the LM270WQ1-Serie: http://www.panelook.com/modelcompare.php?ids=19614,[...]

Now, which one of those comes with a compatible PCB.. that is the question....
Can anyone help ?

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