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Originally Posted by AresTheGod View Post

Well suppose that i'm gonna change those fans biggrin.gif

But again, what should I take?

GTs, Vardars, Phanteks MP Series, eLoops.....
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Thanks! And witch you think are the best?
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Originally Posted by AresTheGod View Post

Thanks! And witch you think are the best?

Almost anyone who has actually used all of these fans would say that the GTs would be the best for your applications.
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It looks like you got a blue/white/black theme going so here is just one suggestion, there are many many others, but these are a rebrand of the NB-eLoops with those colors and just a few bucks more than the Corsairs.

Alphacool NB-eLoop 2300rpm - Bionic Fan (120x120x25mm)

Well, searched on Highflow.net and unluckily, it seems that there are not available...
Almost anyone who has actually used all of these fans would say that the GTs would be the best for your applications.

Suppose that I'll go on GT then biggrin.gif
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I'm defenitly not a pro biggrin.gif
But w/e, yellow circle are for normal fittings, red, for 90° and blue for 45°
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I'm updating this topic because I should buy all the stuff this week (if everything's alright)!

But I I also seen on this website ( http://www.xtremerigs.net/ ) A review of all 360 rads and according to the test, the HW Labs rads are just behind the EK XE360 (http://www.xtremerigs.net/2015/02/11/radiator-round-2015/10/ ) and the EK rads are slightly less expensive soo maybe I should take the Ek rads instead of the HwLabs' one. But the HwLabs rad has additional ports but I don't know if I'll use them.

I also saw their guide for a first WC and they say that "Aquacomputer made a usb version of the D5 where the Aquacomputer software can control speed over a USB connection to the pump. With the release of the PWM pump and the Aquaero 6, there is not much point in buying this" soo I suppose that I'll change the pump too.

Also seen a review of the Aquacomputer top witch isn't good at all (http://www.xtremerigs.net/2013/08/09/aquacomputer-d5-top/2/ ) soo i guess that I'll have to change the top too (witch imply that I have to change the reservoir too because they work together ) :/

With all the change I come to this new card :


-Pump : EK-D5 PWM Motor 12V DC PWM Pump Motor ( http://www.highflow.nl/pompen/laing-swiftech/pompen-nl/ek-d5-pwm-motor-12v-dc-pwm-pump-motor.html ) with the EK-D5 X-TOP CSQ - Plexi ( http://www.highflow.nl/pompen/laing-swiftech/tops/d5-tops/ek-d5-x-top-csq-plexi.html , unluckily the Acetal version isn't availiable anymore ) with the EK-D5 Cover Kit Black Acetal ( http://www.highflow.nl/pompen/laing-swiftech/pomp-laing-swiftech-toebehoren/ek-d5-cover-kit-black-acetal.html )

-Reservoir : XSPC Photon 270 Tube Reservoir ( http://www.highflow.nl/reservoirs/tube-reservoirs/xspc-photon-270-tube-reservoir.html )

-Tubbing :Acrylic tube 12/10mm Clear - 100cm ( http://www.highflow.nl/slangen/3-8-slangen-10mm-id/acrylic-tube-12-10mm-clear-100cm.html ) + Acrylic tube 12/10mm Clear - 50cm ( http://www.highflow.nl/slangen/3-8-slangen-10mm-id/acrylic-tube-12-10mm-clear-50cm.html )

-Fitting :
45° : Bitspower Matt Black Enhance Rotary G1/4 45-Degree Multi-Link Adapter - BP-MBE45RML ( http://www.highflow.nl/aansluitingen/fittingen/bitspower/bitspower-matt-black-enhance-rotary-g1-4-45-degree-multi-link-adapter-bp-mbe45rml.html ) I finaly send an e-mail to Highflow.nl to ask them if they had this fittings and they add it in their webshop biggrin.gif

90° : Bitspower Enhance 90-Degree Rotary Dual Multi-Link Adapter - Matt Black - BP-MBE90RML ( http://www.highflow.nl/aansluitingen/fittingen/bitspower/bitspower-enhance-90-degree-rotary-dual-multi-link-adapter-matt-black-bp-mbe90rml.html )

Normal : Bitspower G1/4 Enhance Multi-Link For OD 12MM - Matt Black - BP-MBEML ( http://www.highflow.nl/aansluitingen/fittingen/bitspower/matt-black/bitspower-g1-4-enhance-multi-link-for-od-12mm-matt-black-bp-mbeml.html )

-Rads : EK-CoolStream XE 360 - Triple ( http://www.highflow.nl/radiatoren/3-x-120mm-360/ek-coolstream-xe-360-triple.html ) + EK-CoolStream XE 480 - Quad ( http://www.highflow.nl/radiatoren/4-x-120mm-480/ek-coolstream-xe-480-quad.html )

-Fans : EK-Vardar F4-120ER 120mm PWM fan - 2200rpm - Black ( http://www.highflow.nl/fans/ventilatoren/ekwb-vardar/ek-vardar-f4-120er-120mm-pwm-fan-2200rpm-black.html ) Or GT, still not sure.

-WB GPU : EK-FC980 GTX Ti TF5 - Acetal+Nickel (http://www.highflow.nl/water-blocks/gpu-blocks/nvidia/ek-fc980-gtx-ti-tf5-acetalnickel.html) + EK-FC980 GTX TF5 Backplate (R.2) - Black (http://www.highflow.nl/water-blocks/gpu-blocks/toebehoren-gpu-backplates-mounting-kits-etc/ek-fc980-gtx-tf5-backplate-r.2-black.html )

-Fan controler : Aqua-Computer Aquaero 6 XT USB fan controller, graphic LCD, touch control, IR remote control - 53146 ( http://www.highflow.nl/fans/controllers/5.25-bay/aqua-computer-aquaero-6-xt-usb-fan-controller-graphic-lcd-touch-control-ir-remote-control-53146.html ) + Aqua-Computer Passive heat sink for aquaero 6 - Black 53164 ( http://www.highflow.nl/modding/overige-nl-2/aqua-computer-passive-heat-sink-for-aquaero-6-black-53164.html ) + Aqua-Computer Temperature Sensor Inline 1x G1/4 ID 1x G1/4 OD ( http://www.highflow.nl/aansluitingen/flow-temp-meters/temp-meters/aqua-computer-temperature-sensor-inline-1x-g1-4-id-1x-g1-4-od.html )

-Coolant : Mayhems Dye Blue 15ml + Mayhems Pastel - Blue Berry - MD-P-IW



MDPC-X Sleeve - SATA - 1 meter (x1)
MDPC-X Sleeve - SMALL - 1 meter - Black (x13)
MDPC-X Sleeve - SMALL - 1 meter - Aquamarine MKII (x12)
MDPC-X Sleeve - SMALL - 1 meter - Titanium Grey MKII (x13)
MDPC-X Heatshrink 4:1 SMALL - Pre-Cut - 50pcs (x4)
MDPC-X Edition Original MOLEX Pinremover


DarkSide CONNECT Dimmable Rigid LED Strip - 30cm - WHITE (x2) + DarkSide Type 02S - Connect to 3-PIN Y-cable - 10cm + DarkSide Type 09 - Connect Extension Cable - 30cm

Link of the card : http://www.highflow.nl/index.php?dispatch=cartlists.details&list_id=11103

Thanks for reading biggrin.gif
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