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Is this A4Tech F3 V-Track mouse a fake?

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Hell guys, I've bought a A4Tech F3 in germany from a well known online shop and like it so far. However I somehow realized the tracking was bad on my bed mattress. I then investigated the bottom of the mouse and saw that it has a big hole for the laser. Big, but it doesn't look broken or so. It still seems weird, because V-Track advertises the small laser opening. However this hole is about 5-6mm diameter. Also when you compare with other images, note that the glidepads from my mouse are larger than the other.

Now I wonder... if this is a fake mouse or is it just another series?

This is MY mouse:

This is a random screenshot from the internet of the same mouse:
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From some half hearted google'in


I assume your other shot is an earlier revision. That unboxing video is from summer 2015.

So yeah, send it back imo. It's sketchy as hell.

What box did it come in? Pics?

The sensor hole on yours looks like it was cut out by a machine that's precision was almost toddler-esque.
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Thanks for the video link. Yeah, my box looks exactly the same as the one in the video. Frontside and backside. Only the the mouse bottom is different. The sticker is different... kinda "empty" on my mouse, and the sensor hole is larger. Everything else is the same. He even has the same type of glidepads as I. Guess it's a production error then and asking for an exchange...
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As an Update:

Got this mouse exchanged... and received one with the same big lens hole size. Sent that back as well and ordered a similar, but different mouse N-500F - again with the same lense hole size (which shouldn't be compared to vidoes from the internets). Also this mouse had red LED light, and the F3 had no visible light. Why??? Shouldn't all these V-Track mice have all the same sensor lighting? Sent that back as well with money back. It almost smells like forgery.

Also couldn't reach any customer service at all and their website is outdated since 2011 or so, with no support address working. I guess I'm done with A4Tech until they get their **** together. Also really would like to know if others experienced similiar issues...

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Why would you even consider buying an A4Tech mouse? Some really old ones with A3060/A3080 were acceptable quality, but pretty much nothing proper came out after ~2008.
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Unfortunately I found out that the F3 shape is perfect for my hand frown.gif Best ergonomics I ever had. That's the only reason I came back for it. It's slightly bigger than most small-sized mice (bigger than the Asus UX300). Haven't found this shape in other brands, except wireless ones...
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