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For Sale: Rampage V Extreme

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Rampage V Extreme

Will Ship To: US48, Global, US50

My T/C:
-I do not accept returns due to buyer's remorse once the package has shipped.
-Sold as is, all equipment was tested, and i don't have the original invoice(s).
-Some items, shipping needs to be calculated; others include shipping.
-Heatware: wermad ; ebay: wearemad! ;
-Payments: paypal or cod (local pick up)
-Local pick up in the San Diego, CA area (91950); I'll only drive a max of 15 miles, otherwise you're paying my gas.
-Trades: no loner need trades.
-If I don't get a response from you within 24 hours, I have the right to offer it to the next person in line.
-Please tell me which address to ship, otherwise it will be the paypal address.
-All shipping is done at the cheapest option via USPS for *domestic*. If you want something faster, pm for a shipping quote.
-Insurance is optional and you must request this via pm. You're responsible for additional cost for insurance.
-Do not ask to ship a motherboard via USPS flat rate medium. They don't fit or it barely fits and can get easily damaged.
-International members, please pm for a shipping quote. i only use usps priority international (or Fedex, though more expensive). You are responsible for any extra fees/taxes/duty your country imposes. Please note paypal charges a conversion fee from your native currency to USD; you must cover this fee as is its not a standard "goods" fee from Paypal. Paypal should be able to give you a conversion rate and the fee amount. Not responsible if customs holds your package, once it ships its yours. Insurance is optional and recommeded.
-I will pm you a tracking number or check your paypal. International members, a pdf will be sent with the shipping documentation. Tracking may not work all the way to your country. Priority International is usually 1-2 weeks depending on your country. Usps.com can give you an eta.
-All items will be packed thoroughly to ensure a safe trip.
-Serious buyers please! I'm tired of the tire-kickers and amateurish children wasting my time and money. If you cannot afford this, then don't bother.
-Prices are firm for now.

-Rampage V Extreme X99 - I got this board a couple of months ago and tested it (100% working). It has been on an adventure and it needs a good home tbh. First buyer bailed after shipping, second one bailed when he refused to pay actual shipping (going cross-country), recently sold to a co-worker but he couldn't keep it and asked me to buy it back as a favor. The board is still packed and ready to go and just needs a good home as its very deserving. Please note: the i/o shield is missing but you can buy this on ebay for cheap and the oc panel is missing the cable (first owner lost it) but you can get one from asus support or buy one through performance-pcs.com. I'm heavily invested in my Skylake setup so the wife won't let me keep the RVE. The manual, oc panel, and cd are used but everything else included is new and/or sealed. The retail box is in fair condition and will be included. sold!
***International members, please send me a pm for shipping. I only ship USPS priority international or FedEx international (more expensive)***

Package specs:

16x16x16, 12.5 lbs (5.7 kgs)


Sold! (Click to show)

Corsair dd3 8gb kits: $40 shipped each kit US50 (USPS Priority small flat rate):

#1: 8gb (2x4gb) red 2400 sold
#2: 8gb (2x4gb) red 2400 sold
#3: 8gb (2x4gb) silver sold

-Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI-BK. I/o shield and cpu socket cover only. The "liquid pipe" was used w/ just distilled water (no additives or silver). sold
*No AK/HW/International for this one.*

Lepa G1600-MA 1600w power supply: This unit I got through Lepa/Enermax support after the original one died (bought it off a miner on ebay). All original main cables are there (mb, cpu, cpu#2, gpu x5). Please note the main harness (24 & cpu) has two plugs that go into the psu and they're both missing the small clip that holds them. As long as you don't tug on the harness, it doesn't affect it (20pin and 16 pin connectors if you want to swap them on your own). sold

-i5 4690K, delid w/ Ice Diamond Karat 7 tim syringe (included): I bought this in spring of last year (2015) from another ocn member. I did the delid w/ a vise and hammer. Dropped temps pretty good and has been wc most of its life. Chip does 4.6 with some basic Haswell overclocking, though for the last six months its been running stock due to some mb bios issues. The ihs is not fixed so take care when you clamp it down (it takes a bit of effort) as you don't want to scratch the die. its a bit tricky but it can be done if you hold the ihs while you clamp it w/ your other hand. You can seal it if you wish; visit the delid thread for steps on how to seal (you may wanna go w/ cool-laboratories tim instead). Bare chip, no heatsink, sold

-Sound Blaster ZX sound card with ACM base-module. Bought this used on ebay to go along w/ the RVE above. I did pop this in my backup system and it seems to work. Card and audio panel-base only; drivers can be downloaded from Creative. My new Z170 board already has a core3d chip built in so I don't need this any more. sold

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Postponing the mb for now as everyone wants to know if it works. I may have time today to buy a cpu and I'll make sure to post some screen shots. Please give me a day or two to test this as it seems its in the best interest of all.


Pm's will be answered in order I received them btw.
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Great sound card.
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Just got done with the drivers, what a nightmare mad.gif, turned out to be the z97 usb drivers were still installed. ps2 keyboard/mouse is a must w/ x99. Anyways, so far, its been stable, no issues, all drivers installed, and ran ibt cpu test a few times. Only detail is that I did an inventory count of the accessories, and it turns out the rear i/o is missing. Previous owner can't find it, so I'll take off $10 from shipping (find it on ebay). Since the motherboard doesn't fit inside my case (with some mods), I'm limited to external testing. Everything seems good and its very tempting to keep it biggrin.giftongue.gif.

Pm sent to the first chap. Again, if I don't hear from you in 24 hours, I have the right to move on to the next guy in line. its a good line waiting for this board.

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I have a G1 Z97 Wifi blk I'm prepping for sale (cpu, 4690k, pending), along with ddr3 ram kits. I'll post this and pics if I get a chance. Wife is ill so I'm uber busy with the kiddies.
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RVE X99 back for sale


Z97 mb
i5 cpu 1150
ddr3 ram kits
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-pm's replied to
-i5 4690K sold
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Bump, updated listing:

-Rampage 5 Extreme should be in soon, replied pm's regarding this. If interested, send me a pm but be aware I will move on if you don't respond to my pm's in 24 hours.

-Sound Blaster updated, now including ACM audio base (ZX model). If you don't want the base, i can split them and keep the base for myself (already have a logitech w/ my speakers tbh).

-Added Lepa G1600-MA power supply.

edit: No takers by this week's end, items are going on ebay (and removed here per ocn rules).
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Rampage V Extreme back for sale wheee.gif

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Last bump before going on ebay (and closing this).
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