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Originally Posted by Bazinga69 View Post

Copper, use copper


Use a block of solid (pure) copper

The only other "readily available" material with similar thermal conductivity is pure Silver

Unless one can find somebody to cut a Diamond with the right dimensions... or can "grow" a block of graphene to the right specs... filling a cube with liquid helium is just too cumbersome. And water is just not a good thermal conductor.

But if one is willing to settle with something with less conductive properties as Copper, and more as water.. there are blocks of Iron, Aluminium, Steel, Brass, Salt (wet or dry), Lead, Clay, Soil (wet/dry) , .... smile.gif


Either way , all these pelts need to bolted to solid blocks of metal

The only thing i am not sure of, is if this design is not breaking some laws of physics , but good luck anyways smile.gif
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I'm looking at this expriement being impractical. Expensive and lesser performance than a normal set up
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