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Well I'm all set up now, not worried about a fan just yet as I have more important bottleneck issues. I started a new thread:

No idea what to do from here, I think my card just doesn't give me the results I expected frown.gif
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Sideways also works like how I showed. 

Some people also think the world is flat still. lol The heat rises argument means nothing here. Just think, is it more effective to blow air at a heatsink on a controller chip that is made to dissipate heat when air passes the fins or on the back side of a PCB without any cooling fins? The heatsink obviously. Does heat rise? Yes, but in such a confined space as a computer case, that doesn't apply. Air will go where it is pushed or pulled. 

 I have no preference or recommendation for a fan. I'm a storage guy lol. I know nothing on that.