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I also have a alienware 17 r3 with the gtx 965m but i couldn't find a vbios for it can anyone help? Thabks guys!
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hey everyone I have an alienware 15 r2 with a gtx 965m I wanted to push the core t 1450 MHz but I can't get it to work , can anyone help ? I'm using Mr.Dark's bios to get it to 1250mhz , here is my bios GM204-----DestroyerSpark.zip 66k .zip file
DestroyerSpark.zip (66k. zip file)
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Hi, i have a Asus n552vx with gtx 950m 4 gb
I try for backup rom with TechPowerUp GPU-Z but i receive error " Bios reading not supported in this devices "
How unlock my gtx? handlebarssmiley.png
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Hello all!
I have a G751JL but i can't flash my vbios! It says vbios uncertified and it can't be done. I have tryed another method with uefitool but i couldn't find the desired number and letter combination (which starts with C5D7E ... and so on). To my surprise the one which is compatible with the G752 is not working, I can't find the route so it has to be the other one ... but it isn't there in the uefitool ... I'm stuck and I can only boost it to 1084 MHz with 6000 MHz memory overall. Please help!
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These are my results and i can't go further frown.gif
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