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Looking for a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard

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So I was browsing and came across this list of tenkeyless keyboards http://peekand.co/pc-gaming/tenkeyless-mechanical-keyboard/

Which one would you choose? I'm leaning towards the Majestouch, although the cm storm is quite cheap
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In my opinion, the CoolerMaster QuickFire Rapid is the best Mechanical Keyboard out there for the money. It's almost identical to the FILCO Majestouch Tenkeyless, and by "identical" I mean the only perceptible differences between the Majestouch and the QuickFire Rapid are the branding on the back side of the keyboard, and the font used on the keycaps. Aside from that, they both use the exact same OEM (this is what makes the QuickFire Rapid such a bargain).

There is some info out there that suggests the FILCO is built to a slightly higher quality standard than the QuickFire Rapid (e.g. a guy on YouTube did a comparison between the two, and found that the FILCO uses a slightly different PCB with cleaner / more consistent soldering).

It really comes down to what your budget is, and whether the small differences I highlighted are worth the $50-$60 premium the FILCO demands.

Anyway, I own both a QuickFire Rapid and a FILCO MajesTouch Ninja TenKeyless (both with blue switches) and can't tell the two apart without looking.

To the best of my knowledge, only the standard QuickFire Rapid uses Costar as its OEM (i.e. will be essentially the same as a MajesTouch), so If you do go with the QuickFire Rapid, just make sure you get the basic model, and not the Rapid-i, Rapid-Si / one of the other QuickFire models.
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I still have a storm in daily use that has held up like a champ. My primary keyboard is a rapid-i that I like even more. They seem to have corrected the light issue. However if you aren't looking for backlighting the storm is amazing for the price.
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i luv my ducky mini biggrin.gif best gaming keyboard i've ever owned, my mouse hand never smacks into the side of the keyboard on fps games
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