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Would this construct be effective?

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I am currently building a TEC chiller. I'm planning on cooling my CPU with this chilled water. I thought it would be fun to add a "copper U" too, to get temps even lower than the chilled water:

All waterblocks would be cooled by the same chilled water. My hopes is that waterblock1 would pick up most of the heat from the CPU, so I could get a higher delta between the copper and WB2/3. Would this even be effective in lowering CPU temps, or would the TECs just cool waterblock1 with little-to-no effect on the CPU?

If it does work, is there a minimum copper thickness I should look out for so enough heat can be transported from the CPU to the TECs?

Edit: Just noticed that scrot picked up my wallpaper too. Oh well.
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Without adding another TEC under water block 1, it won't work. it just apply the same chilled water to hot and cool side of the WB2 and WB3.
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Genrally saying, If you want to transfer the heat by metal. make the metal as thinn as possible.
Why? Becuase the more metal you have the more cold will be radiated away.

If you want to cool down a watercooling loop that contains water or fulid that goes subzero. Same rule applies.
have no radiators at all, and have the lowest ammout of fulid you can have. Less tube length. So the cold dosen't get radiated away.

I'm looking at your plan not working.
Waterblock 1 is a watercooling loop. It will interfere and you'll have no cooling performance.

I think you will be good having a piece of metal cooled by mutiplie peltiers.
This way you can get more performance than a single peltier, while mantaining a direct contact like performance thumb.gif
Otherwize, having all the peltiers working together to cool down water will work too

Otherwize you could go cascade. getting the cold side of peltiers colder using peltiers. This will be much more expensive and I don't see it being practicall
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