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New 27" 2560x1440p monitor

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Guys need help, which one one these are best according to you?

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I would say the Dell is the most highly reviewed, but only for general use.
For gaming etc. there are specialized displays like acer predator.
It looks like the asus you picked doesn't have height adjustment if that's a factor.
Samsung uses their own IPS tech so that's also a small difference.
I would get the Dell, but check their after service.
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I have also looked at that Dell monitor, I do play games but they are all RPG/RTS and games like Final Fantasy, and what I have been wondering of for days now is, do I really need a 120hz monitor or will I do fine with 60hz seeing that I do not play any fast paced games at all. What I do on my computer is mainly these things

Watch Movies/Anime

I have Always used nvidia cards but I am not sure if I will use a AMD card now when they release their new cards, so I dont know if I should get a G-Sync or a Freesync monitor or if I even need those things at all, Before I just picked the cheapest monitor I could find but seeing the prices of most of these monitors I would like to get a good one, and just the "Ultrasharp" line seem to have superb QC over the other monitors that call themself "gaming monitors"
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Sounds like the Dell or Benq would be fine for your needs. The Dell U2515H is cheaper, is 1440p, and will have a bit sharper image. If you have been using 60hz monitors all this time and never had a problem with it, sounds like it is not something you need to worry about.
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What are u using it for
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Entertainment/gaming most of the time.
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