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Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post

Glad to hear!
I was going to settle on +850, but I noticed some very "sporadic" artifacts in Skyrim that would occur maybe once or twice every few minutes, so thats why I dropped back to 800 and it went away entirely.

Should I set Overclock to apply at statup? Or is there wisdom In only activating the OC profile when I really need the added performance in particular games?

I'd keep it at +800 then. Still, this is 300mhz higher than Samsung memory will OC so you got a real good card. My 970 G1 has Hynix and it will only go +300 max. +325 and it becomes unstable.

I would set it to OC on startup, so whenever you restart the pc you don't have to reset it.
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post

Honestly I could care less about the score in a synthetic benchmark.
Real world gaming performance is the only thing that actually matters.

If you ran the benchmark and the scores went couple hundred points lower with a higher OC, then it could be unstable. 3Dmark is a pretty reasonable benchmark for testing what your games would run like. But things such as steam running in the background will lower scores too, so it's hard to judge by that alone. I'm not sure what HAL900 is talking about with 3DMark scores, since you never posted any.
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Mmm looks like it was not quite as stable as I thought.
Benchmarks with Heaven and Fire Strike on 3dmark easily went fine as has gaming so far, but then when I was just doing some desktop work the screen flickered and a message came up that the Nvidia Display Driver had stopped responding and recovered.
So I've backed it off to +700 and see if that will properly stabilize it.
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acha xD
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