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Hi and first of all thanks for replying to my post ( if u reply biggrin.gif ). I've red some topics for newbies, done some testing on my cpu,and before i do anything i want to know more about it. But i coulndnt find answer to my question, so why not another thread. redface.gif

I want to OC my intel E5200, on gigabyte p43-es3g, and i need some help. I need to know how far i can go with speed, temperature,and would like to know is my mobo good for clocking. I would like to know what is better combo with multipliers: 12.5 x 250 MHZ to get 3.125 GHz or is it better way to go with 9 x 350 and get 3.150 . How long i can expect for my cpus life that way? I have fabric cooller that got when i bought E5200.I also have 2 x 2Gb ddr2 800 Mhz working on dual channel. Max temp on stress testing with Intell burn test is 63C (without overclocking ofc biggrin.gif )

links of mobo specs and cpu specs: